How to Apply Sno Seal (Step-by-Step Guide and Tips)

Winter comes around, with its cold wet weather, and out comes the leather boots. But the puddles of slush and water cause a lot of damage to those expensive leather boots.

So, what do you do? Apply a waterproof coating, like Sno Seal, over the leather to protect it from moisture.

Sno Seal is applied to boots and shoes with your fingers. You’ll rub it into the leather in a circular pattern. Try to apply it as evenly as you can. Also, make sure it’s applied to all of the stitching and seams to keep water from seeping through. Wipe away any excess Sno Seal with a clean, dry cloth. Then, allow them to dry.

This is a guide to teach you how to use Sno Seal effectively. We’ll go through the steps, one by one, so you know exactly how to apply this product to your boots. Read on for application instructions and tips for getting the best protection.

Leather Boots with Sno Seal

What To Avoid

Before you follow along with this guide we should cover what things to avoid when using Sno Seal and applying it to your boots.

  • High heat
  • Using too much at once
  • Applying it too frequently

Applying Sno Seal Instructions

1. Clean Your Footwear

Start by making sure your boots or shoes are thoroughly cleaned. You can do this with a shoe brush that removes the dirt and debris from the shoe’s exterior, or you can use a clean damp cloth. Don’t skip this step because you don’t want to trap the dirt underneath the protectant.

If you use any moisture to clean your boots, allow them to dry completely before moving to the next step.

2. Warm Your Footwear

Once the boots are dry the next step is to warm them up. This is important for allowing the wax to really get into the leather material and be the most effective.

There are a few methods for doing this that all work well.

  • Set them in the sun
  • Set them under a heat lamp
  • Place them by a wood stove
  • Put them in a 125ºF oven
  • Use a hairdryer

Make sure you don’t heat them too much. You don’t want them hot, just warm. Now, they’re ready for the wax.

3. Apply Sno Seal

You can start applying the wax all over the surface of the shoes or boots. Use two fingers or a clean rag and rub Sno Seal on the leather with a circular motion.

Once you’ve finished one, put it back next to the heat source and pick up the other. Apply Sno Seal to the second shoe in the pair. Place it back by the heat.

Pick up the first shoe and turn it around to look at the application results. You’ll notice some areas look shiny while others look dull. The wax has been completely absorbed in the dull areas of leather. The shiny patches have excess wax, meaning they’re amply protected.

Apply more Sno Seal to the dull spots you see. Repeat this process for the other shoe.

4. Check Your Work

After making additional applications to cover the dull spots, leave the shoes for a few minutes longer for further wax absorption.

Inspect the boots again looking for more dull spots. Once the shoes or boots look shiny everywhere, no more wax is needed.

Take a clean rag and wipe away any excess Sno Seal you see on your shoes.

5. Finishing Touches

If you’re happy with the look of your boots after wiping away the excess wax, then you’re done. You don’t need to do anything else.

If you’d like a more polished look, use a shoe brush and buff your boots or shoes to perfection. You can apply the shoe polish on top of the wax, as well.

How Often Should You Use Sno Seal?

It’s recommended to only apply Sno Seal to your footwear at most once a month. Applying it multiple times in a short period can cause issues with breathability and can negatively affect the lifespan of your boots.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Heat the Boots First?

You’ll get the best results from heating the leather first. Warm leather absorbs the Sno Seal wax better. Much like heating your skin opens the pores, the same works for leather.

What Is Sno Seal Made Of?

The main ingredient in Sno Seal is natural beeswax. There are some other natural ingredients, as well. It also has a solvent that keeps the melting point of the wax lower before application. This makes it easier to apply the wax.

Once Sno Seal has been applied and allowed to dry, the solvent evaporates. Then, the melting point of the wax increases, so you can wear your protected boots in the summer without worrying about the wax melting and causing damage to them.

Does Sno Seal Change the Look of Shoes?

Your boots will be a little darker after Sno Seal is applied. Other than that, they should look the same.

Final Thoughts

Sno Seal is a natural wax protectant that’s easy to apply to leather boots and shoes. It protects your leather footwear from damaging moisture. The simple steps above are all you need to keep your leather boots in good condition through any type of weather.