Backcountry Return Policy in 2022 (Easy Guide + FAQs)

Backcountry is an online store that sells specialty gear for outdoor activities like skiing and hiking. If you have gear that you’re looking to return to Backcountry, this article will cover its policy and any important information that you should know.

Backcountry Return Policy

Backcountry Return Policy in 2024

Items purchased from Backcountry in 2024 can be returned within 30 days for a refund if the item has been used. Unused merchandise can be returned at any point, and they do recommend keeping the intact packaging and manufacturer tags.

Here’s a quick rundown on the full Backcountry return policy.

  • There is no set return window, at least for unused merchandise.
  • Used merchandise does have a window of 30 days if you want a refund.
  • Returns should be made in intact packaging if possible.
  • Full refunds require intact packaging and manufacturer tags.
  • There are no returns for merchandise damaged through negligence.
  • Returns damaged in shipping may result in additional deductions off your reimbursement.
  • The return process can be started through a Phone Call, the DoNotPay App, or Live Chat.
  • Making a return requires a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number.
  • When the return arrives at the return warehouse, a confirmation email will be sent to you
  • Your return should be processed and your refund sent to you within 5 days
  • Store Credit lasts for a year for any credit issued for returned items.

Does Backcountry Offer Free Returns?

Returns to Backcountry involve the cost of shipping, which can be deducted from your refund.

They’ll send you a prepaid shipping label of $6.99 for returns if you request one. Returns involving freight are not included in this policy.

Since the only way to make returns is through mailing, there aren’t really free returns to Backcountry.

What is the Refund Policy For Freight Items?

Freight items are not eligible for prepaid shipping labels. Use the non-prepaid label procedure for returning these items.

When the return process is complete, you should receive reimbursement or credit for the shipping costs.

How Long Do You Have To Return Items to Backcountry?

As long as the items are unused, there is no set time window for returns. You can return them for a full refund at any time.

For used merchandise, you need to return the item within 30 days to get a refund.

Can You Return Items Without a Receipt?

Because all ordering is done online, you don’t need a physical receipt to return items to Backcountry.

What you do need is an RMA – Return Merchandise Authorization – number. Write the RMA on an invoice or a label to send your package in for the return and refund.

How Do You Get an RMA?

You can make an RMA yourself by accessing your order online and creating a unique number. You can get a Gearhead – Backcountry Customer Service Representative – to create an RMA and send it to you.

How Can You Return Items To Backcountry?

There are several ways to make returns to Backcountry. Through a prepaid label, through a non-prepaid label, and through DoNotPay.

Prepaid Label

  • Backcountry provides a prepaid $6.99 return shipping label upon request for non-freight items.
  • Create an RMA or have one created for you.
  • The return label will be sent to you via email.
  • Place item and RMA inside shipping packaging.
  • Print the label off and tape it to the packaging.
  • Drop off the package at any local UPS or USPS.

Non-Prepaid Label

  • Print off the RMA or write it down.
  • Make sure you attach the RMA to the package.
  • Place original packaging inside a shipping container of the required size
  • Attach shipping labels to the outside of the shipping package – never to the original merchandise packaging.
  • Ship to one of the following addresses, Returns Department

2607 South 3200 West Suite A

West Valley City, UT 841119

OR Returns Department

295 Technology Drive

Christiansburg, VA 24703-7383


  • Access your DoNotPay account.
  • Choose the Return Request Feature.
  • Answer the necessary questions about the purchase you want to return.
  • Provide photos of the item you wish to return.
  • DoNotPay will issue a return request letter to Backcountry.
  • The process will be handled from there.

Are There Any Restrictions To Returning Items?

There are some restrictions to the return process.

  • merchandise needs to be returned in original packaging and pristine condition for a full refund.
  • Used merchandise must be returned within 30 days.
  • Pristine, unused merchandise will get a full refund in the same manner as the original payment method.
  • Used merchandise qualifies for store credit, rather than a payment.
  • Returns are not accepted for badly damaged merchandise.
  • Gear that fails will be reimbursed or replaced, as long as the problem is not a user error.

How Long Do Returns Take?

Returns take a few days to be processed. Part of the time is dependent on how long it takes to ship the merchandise back to the Returns Center.

Once the package is received, the return should be processed within 5 business days. Payment or notification of credit will be sent to you at that time.

What About Exchanges?

Exchanges can be handled the same way as returns. Backcountry recommends sending the return and the new order at the same time, to minimize delays.