Bombas vs. Stance Comparison (With Tips to Help You Choose)

During a long backpacking trip or hike, one of the most important things is foot comfort. Often, socks are an overlooked necessity but not having high-performance socks can contribute to a miserable time.

Bombas vs. Stance:

When it comes to choosing the right sock, you need to consider the durability, the design, and the climate you’re hiking. Bombas’ socks have supportive features with an emphasis on comfort, but their athletic options are limited. Stance has high-performance options in fun patterns and colors to fit everyone.

Bomba and Stance Quick Comparison

Feature Bomba Stance
Materials Cotton & Merino Wool Nylon, Polyester
Durability Feel360 technology Infiknit technology
Cost $$ $$

Similarities Between Bombas and Stance

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Both Bombas and Stance take sock design to the next level and reject the idea that socks need to look boring to perform well. They have colors and patterns that make them stand out, but they also come in varying lengths so you can have a different pair for running shoes and hiking boots.

Sweat-wicking technologies are a feature of both Bombas and Stance socks. While the materials and fabrics they use differ, their quality fibers help keep your socks – and feet – dry throughout your day.

The goal of both companies is to create socks that are light, durable, and comfortable for long-term wear, but they still have a few fundamental differences.

One last important thing to consider is the cost of each product. There isn’t much of a difference in what you’ll spend, both brands will last you a while if they’re taken care of correctly.

Differences Between Bombas and Stance

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Bombas socks have a signature feature to their socks: the honeycomb arch support. The design hugs the midfoot across the top and bottom to provide incredible support. They got rid of irritating toe seams to make the sock as smooth, soft, and comfortable as possible.


If you’re specifically interested in durability, Stance socks have Infiknit technology to prevent tears and rips in your socks. Stance has many socks made with Feel360 technology, a fiber treatment that aims to regulate the temperature inside the socks.

Fit and Comfort

Bomba socks are known to fit exceptionally well and have very few problems with slipping or sliding down. Stance socks are more likely to slip down your leg if you’re wearing a pair of their longer socks.


Bombas uses soft yarn from cotton and merino wool to wick moisture away from your feet. Stance prefers to use a blend of fibers from nylon, polyester, and elastane to create a form-fitting and comfortable sock.

These socks are also easy to clean if you follow this guide for washing Bombas socks!

Other Factors to Consider

If you care about the good deeds that a company undertakes, Bombas donates a pair of socks for every pair purchased, so homeless shelters and other people in need have access to high-quality socks.

Even though they both have fun patterns to choose from, Bombas has a licensing agreement with Sesame Street, while Stance has an agreement with Disney. Even with all their options, Stance is all about featuring “the uncommon thread,” so you never know what artistic designs they’ll come up with next.

Stance is gaining a massive following because of its sock subscription service. Once you sign up, you’ll periodically receive new pairs of socks, so there is no need to bulk-buy if your socks get dull.

Which is the Better Choice?

If you’re looking for a casual sock that’s comfortable and durable, then both are solid options. Bombas are great for living your daily life and going on a walk or jog. With some fun patterns and colors thrown in, they have a different sock for everyone’s preference.

If you’re looking for arch support, Bombas is an excellent choice because of the honeycomb technology in all their socks. Stance has supportive options; you will simply have to browse to find the perfect pair for the intensity of your activity.

When it comes to more specialized performance, Stance is the better option. The styles are still unique and have bold designs to diversify your sock drawer and make you stand out with technology that will wick moisture away on your hike or backpacking trip. They pride themselves on innovation and using the leading technology to ensure the durability of their products.