How to Clean Your Teva Sandals in 4 Easy Steps

Wearing your brand new Teva sandals for your next adventure can be a great idea, but what will you do if they get dirty?

Thankfully I’ve found a few easy steps and tricks that work well when trying to clean a pair of Tevas.

To clean your Teva sandals for their next adventure, you want to use a mixture of soap and hot water and soak them in a bucket or the sink. You can also prevent them from smelling with different home remedies like vinegar to kill off bacteria. 

The rest of the article will go into detail about how to remove dirt and grime from your Teva sandals to make sure they look brand new for your next exciting trip!

Dirty Teva Sandals

Guide to Cleaning Teva Sandals

Follow this guide step by step and you’ll come out with some clean and new looking sandals!

Step 1 – Wipe Away Surface Dirt

If there’s any visible dirt or mud stuck on the outside of your sandals you should remove that first. Sometimes slapping the sandals together outside can clear up some of the stuck dirt.

You should also prepare a space where you can comfortably wash your sandals and leave them out for drying purposes.

The area might get wet during cleaning which is why I usually set up right near my sink for an easy clean-up after.

Step 2 – Wash With Warm Water and Soap

The best cleaning product to use on Teva footwear is antimicrobial soap and warm water. You should use a scrub brush or cloth to apply soap on the dirtiest areas of your sandals.

Hand wash the entire surface or your sandals while making sure to also clean the grooves that are on the top and out soles.

If you have an extra toothbrush or dish brush that can be useful for getting the soapy water in the smaller sections that are tough to reach.

Step 3 – Rinse the Sandals

For the next step, you’ll want to rinse your Teva sandals in warm water. I usually use my kitchen sink, but it’s best to use a pressurized hose to make sure you get more of the dirt out of the sandal’s nooks and crannies.

Make sure to pay extra attention to the soles of your Teva sandals since that’s a common area for the odor to build up.

Step 4 – Let Them Air Dry

After rinsing your sandals there will be some excess water that can be wiped away with a hand towel. Since it’s not safe to place your sandals in the dryer you should place them on a flat surface and let them air dry.

Be sure to keep your sandals away from high temperatures and direct sunlight since it could mess up the shoe materials.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Often Should Teva Sandals Be Cleaned?

It’s recommended to wash your sandals at least once a month. For many people, they should be cleaned more often but it depends on how often they’re worn and for how long.

How to Clean Smelly Tevas?

Follow the guide above to remove any bad odors that are coming from your Teva sandals. If the odor remains after cleaning you can mix one cup of Listerine with 2 cups of warm water, and then soap your sandals for 15 minutes.

Can You Wash Teva Sandals in the Washing Machine?

Teva sandals should not be put through the washing machine or dryer. It’s recommended to only hand wash your Tevas to keep them clean, otherwise, they could become damaged in the washer.

Do White Tevas Stay White?

You can keep your Tevas white by staying on top of a cleaning schedule and avoiding any materials that could potentially stain the sandals. Over time the sandals will most likely start to lose their white coloring from natural wear.