Are Tevas Good For Hiking? Pros and Cons

When going on a hiking trip, it’s always essential to have a solid and reliable pair of sports shoes. Hiking shoes have different features that are supposed to provide added durability in the rough terrain and give a much-needed extra balance.

Are Teva shoes good for hiking? Teva sandals are of high quality and are a solid choice for hiking shoes. They offer lightweight support, traction, and comfort for short to medium distance hikes. It is recommended to use shoes with more support for longer hikes.

If you want to find more info on hiking in your Tevas, keep reading for my list of pros and cons.

Teva Hiking Sandals

Teva Sandals For Hiking – The Pros

Support – With Tevas, the sandals are designed to have lightweight support, and let you move around with comfort. You get grippy traction with the right amount of stability and no extra bulk. Furthermore, Tevas usually have easily adjustable straps.

Odor Protection – The materials are mostly water-proof with antimicrobial properties to help ward off odor. These shoes have been famous for thriving in and out of water for all these years. You’ll feel very nimble and quick with these sandals, which makes them a perfect choice for spending an easy day out on the trails.

Comfort – The number one thing that I look for in hiking shoes is how comfortable the gear is. These sports shoes are made of high-quality 100% leather with a cushioned sole for an ultra-soft feel. This makes them a good choice for hiking days. The wetness protection means they are perfect for beach vacations or water-related activities too.

Durability – Just like comfort and support, durability is an important feature for any hiking shoe. These sandals are high quality and will last for a long time if they’re taken care of. According to reviews, a pair of Teva sports shoes have easily lasted 10 years for some users.

Options for Everyone – Teva offers a range of sports sandals and has a huge fan following. You get a wide range of stylish, fashionable pairs to choose from, without any compromise on the quality. Plus, the price-point is very budget-friendly, which means anyone going on a hike can turn to Teva and find something they would like.

Price – Teva sandals make a great choice if you aren’t looking to break the bank on gear. They have plenty of options that fit within most budgets and work well enough for traveling and hiking. I’ve also seen them go on sale quite a few times a year, so keep your eyes open for when they have deals.

Teva Sandals For Hiking – The Cons

Flexibility – On long-distance hikes, most people will opt to use hiking boots that have a ton of underfoot support. Since Tevas only have lightweight support, after a long day of hiking, you may get some blisters or have sore feet.

Time to Break In – Although it doesn’t take very long with Tevas, it’s recommended to wear them a few times before using them for hiking. I wouldn’t use brand new sandals for rougher activities because it takes a few uses for them to feel and fit your feet correctly.

Conclusion – Can You Hike in Tevas?

If you’re looking for an ultra-hardcore hiking shoe or sports shoes for more extreme activities, you may want something even more durable and resistant.

But for regular hiking activities and water-sports, the Teva sports shoes offer excellent quality, premium comfort, and experience at very reasonable prices. This brand is an authentic and reputable name in the athletic industry for years to come.