Darn Tough Return Policy In 2022 (Full Guide)

Since Darn Tough originally launched in 2004, the company has held its American routes and sustainable aims to heart, which, in turn, influences everything that they do. Darn Tough aims to create durable socks made with the best materials, for them to last longer.

From their recycled and recyclable materials, from production to shipping as well as their LifeTime Guarantee, the company is definitely achieving its primary aims.

This guide is here to inform you of the Darn Tough return policy, from time scales to pricing, and what restrictions their policy includes.

Darn Tough Return Policy

Darn Tough Return Policy in 2024

Instead of making their customers quickly decide whether they are committing to their socks for life, they allow them 90-days to make their decision. After these 90-days are up, customers will then move to their LifeTime Guarantee model. Here customers can return their socks for free, and exchange them for new ones with ease.

As long as the socks they are returning only have suffered general wear and tear damage, and that they are returned as a pair. Any damage that could have been avoided, such as animal or fire damage, will not be accepted by the company.

Does Darn Tough Offer Free Returns?

Yes. Darn Tough offers a completely free return policy on any of their orders. If you have purchased products from Darn Tough within 90 days, then you qualify for a free return or exchange if you wish.

Alternatively, if you have purchased a pair of Darn Tough socks from either their website or another retailer, and it is past the 90-day period, you can receive a new pair of socks for free with the Darn Tough Lifetime Guarantee.

How Long Do You Have To Return Items To Darn Tough?

To receive a return in the traditional sense, then you have 90 days from your purchase date to return your socks. Do not worry, you will also receive a 100% free return on any order that you place with Darn Tough.

But, if you are unhappy with your purchase and it has been over the 90-day period, you can also submit a return using the Lifetime Guarantee. As long as you have both socks, you can return them any time that you wish, and you will get a new pair in return.

Can You Return Items Without A Receipt?

Yes, you do not need your receipt if you are returning your purchase to Darn Tough. As part of their Lifetime Guarantee, Darn Tough will not make you jump through hoops to return your items.

Whilst they do prefer you to have your receipt in order to receive a return or exchange, it is not something that you 100% must have. Convenient, right?

How Can You Return Items To Darn Tough?

Returning your purchase to Darn Tough could not be simpler. All you have to do is re-package your purchases in the bag or box that they were initially shipped to you in.

All of their shipping packaging contains two seals. You can use the second one in order to re-seal the bag to ship back to them.

Are There Any Restrictions To Returning Items?

While Darn Tough is incredibly flexible with what they allow their customers to do when they are returning or exchanging any purchase, there are, of course, limitations to that.

First, Darn Tough will not accept returns due to damage that has occurred to their products that they could not control. While general wear and tear are covered by Darn Tough, if your new socks become the brand new chew toy for any of your furry friends, then Darn Tough will not accept your return.

We have all been there. You put your pair of socks in the wash, and all of a sudden after the cycle has finished, you only have one sock. Where do they all go? It is one of life’s great mysteries. Alas, this occurrence is not covered in Darn Tough’s return policy.

If you can only find one sock, then do not expect Darn Tough to honor your return. It is either a pair or none with Darn Tough. Similarly, if your socks are stolen, Darn Tough will not replace them for you.

As you know, Darn Tough’s socks are made with Merino Wool. The material has many benefits to it, that may have influenced your initial purchase. Merino Wool is also flame-resistant, so it can take a specific level of fire damage.

However, fire, for the most part, is usually avoidable. So, if your new socks suffer from flame damage and you wish to seek a refund. The chances are you will get rejected.

Fundamentally, if the damage that your socks suffer from is avoidable and not in line with general wear and tear. The probability is that Darn Tough will not accept your return request.

How Long Do Returns Take?

Sadly, there is no specific guarantee on how long it will take for Darn Tough to process your return. If you are returning a pair of socks with the plan to exchange for a like-for-like pack, then your returning procedure will be quite different. Once you have submitted your returns form, you will receive an exchange voucher that is valid immediately for you to use.

All you have to do is enter the code in the ‘gift card/discount code’ area when you are checking out.

If you are looking for a full refund when you are returning your socks, then the process can be quite long. Once you have mailed back your purchase to Darn Tough, it typically takes the team 7 to 10 working days to process your refund from the moment they receive the package.

Of course, during busier times such as Christmas, this processing time can be longer. Any money that you spend on shipping your order back to Darn Tough will be reimbursed.

How Is The Amount Refunded?

If you are exchanging the socks for another pair, you will receive an exchange voucher that matches the value of the socks, which can be used on the website to purchase another pair for free.

If you are returning the socks, you can also receive a monetary refund back to the original payment method or preferred payment method if the socks were a gift or purchased elsewhere.

If a discount code or credit had been used on the original order, the instant credit or refunded value may not match the return value.

Final Thoughts

That concludes our guide to Darn Tough’s returns policy. Fundamentally, you must remember when you are returning your purchase, it can take up to 10 days for you to receive your return or exchange.

Darn Tough honors both their 90-day return policy as well as their LifeTime Guarantee. And you will be accepted into either as long as the socks that you are returning have not received any avoidable damages or loss, aside from general wear and tear.