How to Clean an Osprey Backpack (in 5 Easy Steps)

Using any type of machine to clean your Osprey backpack can cause damage to it. Certain steps must be followed to properly clean this backpack. Following them will make your Osprey backpack last a long time.

Cleaning Osprey Bag

Soft Cleaning

It is important to use gentle products and tools to clean your Osprey backpack. This will avoid any type of damage to it.

It helps owners of Osprey backpacks to maintain them. This will also protect the materials and shape of the backpack.

Soft sponges are best to use with a broad stroke approach. Stains should be the focus when cleaning the backpack.

Soft cleaning will help prevent any of the material from being scrubbed off. This helps to maintain a backpack’s durability and ability to be weather resistant.

How To Clean an Osprey Backpack

It is important to remember that a washing machine should never be used to clean an Osprey backpack. Doing this will damage the material.

The colors will run and the shape of the backpack will be negatively impacted. Experience has taught those who carefully maintain their Osprey pack that a toothbrush works best in certain situations.

Step 1 – Check the Label

Before any type of cleaning is started, you need to look at your backpack and check the label. This will provide important step-by-step instructions.

These instructions will focus on the proper cleaning of your particular model of Osprey backpack. Most of their backpack labels will say to avoid using a washing machine and dryer.

Step 2 – Empty the Backpack

The next step is to take everything out of the bag before using any water on the material. When you are certain it’s empty, the detachable parts should then be removed.

This includes the harnesses, straps, and other parts of your backpack that clip on or off.

Step 3 – Wash with Soap and Water

Using mild soap and lukewarm water is essential for properly cleaning your backpack. The mild soap should be added to warm, not hot water.

Cleaning chemicals or any type of harsh soap products should never be used. These are things that could stain or damage your backpack.

After putting your sponge in the warm water, carefully clean the surface of the backpack. It is important to not scrub your backpack or press too hard.

Step 4 – Scrub Gently

When scrubbing your Osprey backpack, you should start by washing the inside before moving onto the outside fabric. After a soft sponge is dipped in warm water and has the proper soap on it, it’s time to begin.


Use the sponge to clean the inner compartment. It is important to scrub gently and thoroughly when cleaning the inside compartments. Do them one at a time.


It is common for the outer area of the pack to have more dirt than the inner area. This is because the exterior is going to be exposed to more dirt and dust. The exterior may require a bit more soap and a large soft sponge for proper scrubbing.


It is important to carefully clean all of the pack’s zippers with a toothbrush or soft brush. They should be scrubbed until completely clean. All of the compartment zippers need to be cleaned.


Buckles need to be cleaned with warm water. Use warm water to remove all of the dirt or debris that could be stuck inside of them. The buckles should be washed until you are satisfied with how they look.

Tip: Use a toothbrush or soft brush to carefully scrub any areas with tough stains or stubborn dirty spots.

Step 5 – Air Dry

It is a common mistake for people to use a hairdryer or another type of device to dry their backpack once it is clean. This should never be done.

You must permit your backpack to dry naturally. The material on your backpack could become damaged or change shape because of the heat.

The time required for it to completely dry could be 24 hours or longer.

Removing Stains on the Osprey Bag

Depending on the stain, it could be quite a challenge to remove it from your backpack. To remove a tough stain use your brush with warm clean water.

Move the brush in concentric circles. Doing this slowly should remove the stain. It could take time to completely get rid of it. You need to be patient and not force the process.

There are also Osprey cleaning tablets that can be used occasionally to help with deep cleaning and washing on the backpack.

Regular Maintenance

Here are a few tips and steps to follow when trying to keep your Osprey backpack clean and looking new after every trip!

  • After a trip be sure to thoroughly clean your backpack
  • If your backpack pack happens to be wet, you must hang it to dry
  • Loosen all of the pack’s straps when you are not using it
  • Always wash your pack if stains, dirt, salts, or sweats have gotten into the mesh, fabric, or webbing
  • Your backpack should be stored in a clean place so it doesn’t get dirty between uses