How To Wash Canada Goose Jacket (In 5 Easy Steps)

A Canada Goose Jacket is a wonderful addition to any winter wardrobe. They’re deeply loved for cold months due to their thick, insulated interior and high-quality manufacturing. They’re a bit pricier than the average winter coat, so a lot of people treat their Canada Goose jackets with the utmost care.

When it comes to how to wash a Canada Goose jacket, there are a couple of things you need to keep in mind!

Canada Goose Jackets vary in methods of washing, so it’s important that you treat your jacket with its specific means of cleaning. Some are okay to put in the machine, while others are better suited for professional cleaning.

In this article, we’ll break down the best approaches to washing your Canada Goose Jacket so it can be looking spick and span all winter long.

How to Wash Canada Goose Jacket

Washing A Canada Goose Parka

If you own a Canada Goose parka on top of other Canada Goose jackets, you may feel tempted to throw your parka in the wash alongside your other winter gear. This would be a big no.

Canada Goose parkas are bulky and specially made, so that makes them more susceptible to damage caused by washing machines- including clumping, shrinking, and other issues.

To avoid any issues with washing, we (and Canada Goose) recommend handing off your jacket to a professional dry cleaner so they can handle it with careful and experienced care.

Machine-Washing Your Canada Goose Jacket

Canada Goose jackets are much more lightweight and can last in a wash unlike the bulkier parka, but there are still important things and safeguards to keep in mind in order to keep your jacket safe during the wash cycle.

Machine-washing is definitely the way to go when it comes to cleaning your jacket, as it’s the way recommended by Canada Goose itself. They manufacture their jackets with utmost attention to quality, so they’re built to last a machine wash.

Here are some of the main things to keep in mind when washing your Canada Goose jacket:


Though your jacket is safe to throw in the washer, it may be in your favor to try and go as long as you can in between true wash cycles.

Dealing with surface-level staining doesn’t need to be as committal as an entire cycle in the machine, and can instead be remedied by spot treatments. You can do this in a number of ways:

  • A Tide stain pen
  • A wet wipe
  • Using a microfiber cloth

If the stain persists, you can move on to a full-blown machine wash.

Cold Water Only

Cold water is the best option for all high-quality or luxury garments, as it’s less damaging to the exterior and interior of the fabric (especially if the jacket comes with insulation like down, feathers, etc!)

Your jacket could also be stained with substances that will set with hot water. Once these stains are set, they can’t be removed – the only way to properly get rid of them is with an initial wash with cold water.

Gentle Detergent

You don’t want to use anything harsh or overly stripping on your jacket during the wash, so opting for a gentle detergent would be best.

Gentle detergents are typically dermatologist tested and recommended, free of dyes and perfumes, and are hypoallergenic. This makes them a better option not just for your skin, but for the integrity of your jacket.

Without dyes and perfumes, there’s no chance that you’ll compromise the look of your jacket with stains from the detergent or alcohol in the formula.

Gentle Cycle

We’re keeping things as gentle as possible when it comes to cleaning your Canada Goose Jacket! Don’t go for an aggressive cycle, as it can cause the filling of your jacket to clump up. Instead, opt for a gentle cycle or permanent press (which we recommend, as it emits needing to iron your jacket post-wash!).

Additional Tips To Keep In Mind

  • Always open the zippers of your jacket before throwing it in the wash. This allows for a maximum clean. Don’t forget the pockets!
  • If you have particularly deep stains on your Canada Goose Jacket, stop the wash in the middle of the cycle to allow your jacket to soak in the soapy water. After an hour, continue the cycle.
  • If your jacket has insulation, throw in a couple of clean tennis balls in the washer to work through any potential clumps.


  1. Spot clean your Canada Goose Jacket if possible
  2. When it comes time to wash, set your washer to gentle or permanent press settings
  3. Use cold water only
  4. Use gentle detergent only
  5. Make sure to open the zippers of your jacket before washing
  6. You can choose to soak your jacket to get rid of deep stains
  7. Use tennis balls to avoid clumping in your jacket’s insulation

Drying Your Canada Goose Jacket

The Canada Goose brand recommends that you don’t put your jacket in the dryer after a wash. It could compromise the sizing, integrity, and look of your jacket in irreversible ways.

Instead of machine drying your jacket, wring it of any excess liquid from the washing machine (which shouldn’t be much) and hang it up to dry. Try putting it in an area that receives a constant circulation of air, like by a window or a fan.

Your jacket will dry in the exact shape it’s in when you hang it, so be wary of misshapen shoulders from poorly placed hangers. While it dries, try pulling on the fabric every so often to minimize potential wrinkling.

Ironing Your Canada Goose Jacket

Unlike other high-end jackets, Canada Goose encourages the ironing of your jacket when there are wrinkles! The only thing to keep in mind is to use low temperatures. It may be a longer process than you’re used to, but it’s necessary to keep your jacket in the best shape possible.

Be sure to follow these instructions above so that you never have to worry about returning your Canada Goose jacket!