How To Wash An L.L.Bean Backpack (5 Easy Steps)

Eventually after spending days out in nature, your backpack will become dirty and need a wash. With L.L. Bean backpacks there are some important tips to remember when cleaning and washing them.

To keep your LL Bean backpack in tip-top shape, read on to find out how to wash it correctly and keep it looking brand new while out on the trails. 

Special Equipment Needed

  • Mesh laundry bag

Here’s What to Avoid

  • Using the dryer
  • Washing in hot water
  • Fabric softener
  • Bleach

L.L.Bean Hiking Backpack

L.L.Bean Backpack Washing Instructions

Follow these five simple steps to clean your backpack and keep it looking brand new!

Step One – Empty the Backpack

Empty the backpack and examine the backpack and check all the pockets. Leave the pockets unzipped so any errant stains or crumbs are washed away easily.

If any straps or metal buckles are removable, now is the time to take them off. Hand wash these separately. If nothing is removable, then it’s safe to assume that they will hold up in the wash just fine.

Make sure there are no keychains or other decorations hanging from the backpack since these could become damaged or cause problems in the washing machine. No one enjoys untangling wet laundry!

Always check the tag on your backpack for washing instructions! Backpacks made for certain purposes may have alternate washing instructions, so better safe than sorry!

Step Two – Apply Stain Treatments

Spot clean any obvious stains with warm, soapy water. We love Dawn dish detergent for laundry pretreatments. Is there anything that little bottle of blue soap can’t do?

You can use a stiff brush to work the stain out, or even just a rag. Once you’ve scrubbed your stain, it’s time to wash.

Step Three – Place Inside Laundry Bag

Put your LL Bean backpack into the mesh laundry bag and close it tightly.

If you’re washing only one backpack, wash a towel or a few t-shirts at the same time on the opposite side of the washer to balance it out. An unbalanced washer is loud, and the constant banging will wear your washer down faster.

If you’re washing two backpacks, place each one on opposite sides of the washer to keep it balanced. We don’t recommend washing over two backpacks. These bags can get surprisingly heavy when wet!

Step Four – Wash on Cold

With a mild detergent, wash your backpack on the COLD or TAP COLD setting.

Forgo any fabric softener, scent boosters, or bleach. These additives can harm the backpack material. Bleach especially can make the backpack become discolored.

Step Five – Hang to Air Dry

Remove your backpack from the washer, and then from the mesh bag, making sure there is no pooling water in any of the pockets.

After it’s been removed it’s time to hang it to air dry.

Avoid using the dryer for your LL Bean backpack. Not only can the heat damage the backpack, but straps can become tangled, even ripping.

The metal parts of your backpack can also damage your dryer or any other clothing items the backpack may be dried with.

Always air dry your backpacks!

Tips For Cleaning Your Backpack

Don’t wash it too often – Washing your backpack too frequently can cause wear and tear and make it so it won’t last as long. It’s recommended to only avoid deep cleaning it too often, although you can always hand wash certain sections of it at a time.

Look for cleaning instructions – Many backpacks will have a tag on the inside that tells exactly how it should be washed. If there isn’t any information then following the above guide will be the best way to avoid any damage.

Hand dry first – If you want to speed up the time it takes for your backpack to dry, you can wipe it down with a towel before leaving it to hang dry.