How to Wash a Patagonia Better Sweater (Easiest Way)

If you have a Patagonia Better Sweater, you will need to wash it from time to time, and you might be wondering how to do that safely. The last thing you want to do is shrink or distort an expensive sweater by washing or drying it incorrectly.

So, let’s find out how to wash a Patagonia Better Sweater!

Patagonia Fleece

Materials Needed

  • Patagonia sweater
  • Washing machine / sink (cold water)
  • Mild detergent
  • Clothesline

What To Avoid:

  • Hot water
  • The dryer
  • Frequent washing

Patagonia Better Sweater Washing Instructions

The best way to make sure your Patagonia gear doesn’t get damaged is to look for the label and follow their recommended cleaning instructions.

Step 1 – Treat The Sweater With Any Stain Removers

If you have any stains that will need additional work that should be your first step. Apply any stain remover that you normally use and let it sit for a while before going to the next step.

Just like with any other apparel, make sure there’s nothing in the pockets and that the sleeves are rolled out and flat.

Step 2 – Place It In The Washer With Mild Soap or Detergent

Put your Patagonia Better Sweater in your laundry machine and opt for a mild soap or laundry detergent. It’s recommended to use a non-toxic and (if possible) biodegradable detergent, because this will be gentle on the fabric.

Your Patagonia fleece should have some care instructions on the label, but don’t wash it on a hot wash. Hot water could cause the sweater to shrink and lose its shape.

Avoid putting too many other items in the machine at the same time as your sweater, so the machine can spin and agitate effectively.

Step 3 – Line Dry It Overnight

Instead, stretch the Patagonia fleece over the line or a clothes horse and make sure that it is flat and in shape to avoid it losing its proportions. Flatten out any bumps and leave it to hang on a line and to air dry.

Running your Better Sweater through the dryer may cause it to pill faster, which will ruin the look of it. It’s also more likely to shrink from the high heat of the dryer.

Leaving it hanging for at least 8 hours should leave you with a nice and clean fleece that’s ready to wear.

If you’re really stuck, you can run the sweater through the dryer, but you should use the lowest heat possible and do this irregularly. A lot of drying, even on a low heat, could damage the fabric and decrease the lifespan of the sweater.

How Often Should You Wash The Better Sweater?

It’s best not to wash these sweaters more often than you have to. Infrequent washing will help to prolong the life of the fleece sweater.

However, when wash day comes around, you should wash it in warm or cool water and use a mild laundry liquid so that it doesn’t harm the fabric of the sweater.

Will My Better Sweater Shrink In The Wash?

It’s unlikely that the Patagonia better sweater will shrink in the washer as long as you follow the guidelines above and avoid hot water.

The sweaters are made of polyester (predominantly) and should not have issues with being washed the way that wool or other natural fibers might.

However, it’s still a good idea to keep the washing temperature cool, and then put the sweater over a flat surface while it dries. When you get it out of the laundry machine, check that it hasn’t got pulled out of shape, and if it has, gently stretch it back into shape before you hang it up to dry.

Final Thoughts

The washing instructions above should help you clean your fleece jacket without any issues. Washing at a low temperature is key to keeping your Patagonia Better Sweater in good shape.

Try to minimize how often you wash your sweater to increase its lifespan, and make sure that your sweater dries flat so that no lumps or creases end up in the material.