How to Wash a Patagonia Fleece (The Right Way)

Patagonia is well-known for its comfortable fleece jackets as well as its sustainable manufacturing process.

If you are the proud owner of a new Patagonia fleece, you might be wondering how to care for the garment to maintain its soft and cozy texture.

Here’s a cleaning guide that has simple steps for the best way to clean your fleece.

How to Wash Patagonia Fleece Infographic

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What Materials Do You Need?

  • Fleece
  • Washing machine
  • Detergent
  • Clothesline

What Should You Avoid?

  • Dryer
  • Wringing out the fleece
  • Fabric softener and dryer sheets

Steps For Washing a Patagonia Fleece

Step 1 – Turn the Fleece Inside Out

Turning your jacket inside-out before washing is a great way to make your jacket last longer. It also helps prevent pilling and lint build up on the outside of the jacket.

This isn’t a required step but it does follow most guidelines on how to best put the fleece through the washer.

Step 2 – Wash on a Gentle Cycle With Cold Water

Use a cold-water gentle cycle to wash your Patagonia fleece. A gentle, non-toxic laundry detergent will get your fleece clean without causing harm to the environment.

One thing that should be avoided is using hot water or bleach when washing it.

Wash on a Gentle Cycle

Step 3 – Line-Dry Your Fleece

Because of the energy savings and reduced wear and tear, Patagonia recommends line-drying your fleece.

However, Patagonia fleeces can be put in the dryer safely. If you do use a dryer, tumble dry your fleece on a low setting.

Patagonia does not recommend using fabric softener or dryer sheets on fleece garments. Fabric softeners deposit a waxy residue on clothing, which can reduce moisture-wicking and odor reduction for synthetic fabrics.

Wool dryer balls are a popular low-waste alternative to dryer sheets that reduce static without depositing waxy residue.

Line-Dry Your Fleece

Reducing Microfiber Shedding

If you are a Patagonia shopper, you are probably aware of the company’s eco-conscious business practices. While Patagonia has worked hard to engineer synthetic fabrics that shed less than other brands, any synthetic garment will shed tiny particles of plastic microfibers during the washing process.

To prevent these microfibers from getting into the water system, where they can harm wildlife and pollute the ecosystem, Patagonia recommends using a fiber filter bag while washing synthetic fabrics.

Using a fiber filter bag has the added benefit of reducing pilling or snags during washing, which can extend the life of your fleece.

Microfiber shedding depends on your washing machine. According to Patagonia, top-loading washing machines cause seven times more microfiber shedding than front-loading washing machines.

Some washing machines are now equipped with a fiber filter to act as a barrier for microfibers.

Patagonia Fleece

Common Questions

How Often Should I Wash My Patagonia Fleece?

Washing your fleece less will help conserve water and extend the life of your fleece jacket. Wash your fleece any time there is noticeable dirt and odor.

Wear a t-shirt or undershirt under your fleece to extend wear time between washes. Thankfully a lot of fabric materials have built-in odor prevention which allow you to wear them often.

Will My Fleece Jacket Shrink in the Wash?

Patagonia fleeces won’t shrink in the washer because they are made of polyester, a synthetic material that doesn’t change in washing temperatures.

It’s still recommended to avoid hot water with the washing machine because it saves energy and is better for the durability of the jacket.

Should I Dry Clean My Patagonia Fleece?

Dry cleaners often use chemical solvents that are dangerous for the environment. Because of Patagonia’s commitment to green design, no Patagonia garments require dry cleaning.

Patagonia is a brand for adventurous people who spend time outdoors and care about the environment, which means that Patagonia garments don’t need fussy dry cleaning.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully this guide and care instructions were easy to follow and will help you keep your Patagonia fleece looking clear and brand new.

Always remember to check for washing instructions on the tag to help prevent any damage that could happen when cleaning.