How to Wash Smartwool Socks in 4 Easy Steps

Unlike other types of socks, Smartwool socks can be worn multiple times before they need to be washed. It’s important to clean your socks the correct way since wool materials can become damaged if it’s done the wrong way.

When it’s finally time to make them clean again, follow these simple steps on how to wash your Smartwool socks!

Smartwool Socks Cleaning

What To Avoid

Before you begin washing your socks make sure to make a mental note on which things should be avoided.

I’ve made a list down below for what could harm or ruin your Smartwool socks.

  • Bleach
  • Fabric Softener
  • Hot Water
  • Clothesline Drying

Smartwool Washing Instructions

Now that you know what should be avoided, you can continue with these four steps for washing.

1. Turn the Socks Inside Out

Most products that are made with wool should be turned inside out before they’re cleaned. This is the safest way to clean them to avoid piling or other issues.

Since it results in cleaner and nicer looking socks, make sure to do this step before getting your Smartwool socks wet.

2. Machine Wash on Gentle

After the socks are inside out the next step is to run them through the washing machine. Choose a gentle cycle and use either warm water or cool water. Hot water should be avoided since it could damage the socks or cause them to shrink and need to be replaced sooner.

One thing that should be avoided is using any fabric softeners or bleach. Both cleaning materials aren’t good for Merino wool, but mild soap should be fine to use when washing.

You can also hand wash the socks if that’s your preferred way to clean them. Either way works well but hand washing requires more manual work.

3. Tumble Dry or Air-Dry

Most socks with Merino wool can safely be tumble dried on the lowest setting for your dryer. You should first check the label to make sure your pair of socks can be put in the dryer.

I prefer to air dry my Smartwool after washing, and I do this by laying them on a flat surface for a few hours. Hanging your socks might cause them to stretch out and change how they feel and fit on your feet.

4. Put the Socks Away

Some people prefer to roll up with socks when storing them away, but I think it’s better to leave them flat out. This can help them keep their shape and fit, although it does take up more space in your drawer.

Storing the socks flat will also help extend the life of your Smartwool socks!

How Often Should You Wash Smartwool Socks?

Because the material naturally absorbs odor-causing bacteria resulting in less-stinky socks, you may be able to wear your Smartwool socks a few times before washing.

By only washing your Smartwool socks when you truly need to, you may prolong the life of your socks too. Try washing your socks every 2-3 uses for best results.

Should Smartwool Socks Be Inside Out?

Turning your Smartwool socks inside out is key to the longevity of your socks. The inside material of your socks is more durable, so it can withstand the washing machine better than the material on the outside.

By making sure you wash your socks inside out every time, your Smartwool socks should last at least 2 years.

Should Smartwool Socks Be Cleaned Separately?

As a rule, you should always separate your laundry into light and dark colors and wash your delicates in a small laundry bag or as a separate load.

Ideally, washing your Smartwool socks together in a small load is best.

If you are going to combine your socks with other laundry, make sure to place them inside a laundry bag and wash them with colors.

Does Fabric Softener Ruin Smartwool Socks? 

While using fabric softener won’t completely ruin your Smartwool socks, it will inhibit the material’s natural ability to regulate temperature and prevent odor.

Fabric softener works by soaking into the fibers of your clothing to soften them. With a natural fiber like Merino wool, the fabric softener actually affects the socks’ ability to wick away odor and moisture.

Can You Bleach Smartwool Socks?

Never bleach Smartwool socks because the chlorine in bleach will destroy Merino wool.

You can remove stains in your Smartwool socks by dabbing a mixture of isopropyl alcohol and water on the stain and allowing it to soak.

Smartwool Socks In The Dryer

It is recommended to air dry your Smartwool socks by laying them in a single layer on a flat surface rather than hanging them on a drying rack or putting them in the dryer.

If you are pressed for time and would like to put your socks in the dryer, make sure that you have the dryer set to tumble dry on very low heat.

Hand Washing Smartwool Socks

Hand washing is a great option for Smartwool socks. If you don’t often find yourself with a full load of socks or delicates to wash together, you can hand wash a few pairs in the sink easily since they are relatively small in size.

If you hand wash your socks, the same rules apply as if you were washing them in a washing machine. Use a mild detergent, cool water, and lay flat to dry if possible.