How to Wash Stance Socks (Easy Steps to Follow)

Stance socks are nice to look at, great for supporting your feet, and use only high-quality materials. So it stands to reason that you want to protect your Stance socks during the cleaning and washing process.

Wash your Stance socks in a delicate setting on your washing machine. Turn your socks inside out, and wash them with other clothing of similar colors. Dry your socks by air drying and not the dryer since heat may cause some damage to the delicate fibers in Stance socks.

Since you can wash Stance socks in a regular washing machine, it won’t be a troublesome process. However, there are ways in which you can adequately protect your socks to help them retain their original quality. Let’s look at how to wash Stance socks efficiently.

Washing Stance Socks

Short Introduction to Stance Socks

Stance socks are premium-quality socks with premium-quality pricing. They typically come in beautiful patterns and vibrant colors. Unlike regular socks, Stance socks also provide mid-foot arch support, perfect for athletes and those who enjoy physical activity.

Additionally, we know that certain types of microbes can cause feet to emit an unpleasant odor after a lot of moving around and exercise. To prevent this issue, the Stance brand makes its socks with a particular type of fabric that can help to reduce the amount of odor-causing bacteria.

Instructions for Washing Stance Socks

Washing Stance socks is not a complex or expensive process. You only need to learn how to clean your socks so that it doesn’t receive any damage during cleaning.

Step 1 – Separate Your Laundry

As with all types of laundry, you should separate the clothing articles depending on the color. Color separating is essential as you do not want to discolor or damage your Stance socks. If you have socks that are light and others that are dark, then it is best to wash them in different cycles.

During this step, you should also take the time to make sure socks are going into the washing machine in pairs. Washing socks properly is one thing, but losing one sock will render the other one unusable unless you don’t mind wearing odd socks.

Step 2 – Turn Your Socks Inside Out

Before washing your Stance socks, you will need to turn them inside out so that the outside of the socks does not collect lint. Lint can make your socks look less neat, and it is difficult to remove lint without a proper lint roller.

Depending on the color of your socks, the little bits of fabric can also stand out. If an item produces more lint, it will only stick to the inside of your socks since you protect the outside.

Step 3 – Set the Washing Machine Settings and Run the Cycle

Now that your socks are ready for the wash, ensure that you set the washing machine to a ‘delicate’ setting at around 104 °F. Do not use bleach in your laundry load as it can damage the material. Wait for the cycle to finish, and then dry your socks.

Step 4 – Drying Stance Socks

When drying your Stance socks, use a clothing line instead of a dryer. Dryers introduce heat to the fabric, and since Stance socks use such premium fabric, dryers can cause damage. If you have no option other than using a dryer, bear in mind that it will not last as long as it should.

Mistakes to Avoid When Cleaning Stance Socks

There are cleaning mistakes that you should avoid if you are planning on washing such good-quality socks.

One is that you should never attempt to dry clean your socks. While it may seem far-fetched that someone would dry clean socks, it can still happen. Dry cleaning will speed up the aging process for your socks and thus cause them to last a shorter period before coming apart.

Another mistake is that some people use fabric softener when washing Stance socks. Although it may appear harmless, fabric softeners can reduce your socks’ breathability. For athletes, this can be highly disadvantageous as the socks will not be able to handle sweat as easily.

How Often Should Stance Socks Be Washed?

Although there’s no exact timeline that should be followed with these socks, it’s recommended to wash them at least every other time that they’re worn. As long as they aren’t repeatedly washed every day, they should keep their durability and long-lasting benefits.

If your Stance socks are washed incorrectly, there’s a higher chance that they’ll start to break down or become damaged during the cleaning process. Be sure to always follow the cleaning guide above to avoid any risks when making your socks feel brand new again!


You can easily wash your Stance socks while ensuring their quality using a regular washing machine and a few simple instructions. If you are ready to give your socks a good wash, then consider following the step-by-step directions above to clean, dry, and protect the original condition of your socks.