Nikwax vs. Revivex: 5 Important Facts (To Help Choose)

Between both options, it’s widely debated which substance is better for waterproofing outerwear garments and materials.

Nikwax and Revivex are two leading products in the world of fabric waterproofing. While Nikwax is primarily for leather fabric protection, Revivex is a spray-on water repellant made for DWR-treated outerwear and fabrics, as well as GORE-TEX jackets. 

That’s why today, we will break down the key similarities and differences among these two treatments. Keep reading to learn what distinguishes Nikwax vs Revivex and how they achieve a similar purpose.

DWR Options

What Is Nikwax?

Nikwax is a water-repellent synthetic polymer treatment for fabrics and leather that has an elasticity to it. This treatment causes water to bead up on the surface of materials and roll away.

It’s made of a material that is similar to EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate) and the material often used in the soles of shoes. Because it’s not made of actual wax, it’s thought to be much more flexible and resistant to breaking and tearing.

What Is Revivex?

Revivex is another durable water-repellent treatment for fabrics. It’s a spray-on treatment primarily used on waterproof-breathable outerwear items and GORE-TEX. It is a continual spray treatment to safeguard DWR fabrics against moisture getting through their surfaces.

Whether you use it on gloves, pants, or tent-flies, this treatment even works on fabrics such as NeoShell and eVent. As a plus, it is free of PFOS and PFOA.

How Are Nikwax and Revivex Similar?

Nikwax and Revivex are similar in their waterproofing qualities. They’re both used on outerwear to keep moisture from penetrating, whether that’s in the rain or snow.


Nikwax and Revivex are both considered multipurpose because they work well on everything from shoes to pants, tent flies, snow gloves, and jackets. However, some Nikwax and Revivex treatment products have qualities specific to tent fabric, for example.

Others are solely for use on jackets or shoes. Each product is slightly different, which is why you should pick the one that suits your needs.


They’re also both noted for their durability since they hold up well to harsh conditions, abrasion, stains, and other outside factors. They’re noted for their durability, despite their thin solution.

One of the advantages of both of these substances is that they are long-lasting, meaning you can get repeated use out of a single treatment, even after washing your garment.

How Are Nikwax and Revivex Different?

Nikwax and Revivex are both waterproofing treatments, but they each consist of different substances and get used on different fabrics.

Solarproof Qualities

Nikwax is repellant to UV rays (mainly sunshine), while Revivex isn’t specifically designed for that purpose. This is an advantage when it comes to synthetic fabric treatment, since UV rays can damage that material over time.

Application Style

One of the key differences between Revivex and Nikwax is the manner in which they’re used. Nikwax is more of a rub-on or sponge-on substance that you can apply with a brush. You need to be careful when applying Nikwax in order to achieve an even and effective coating.

On the other hand, Revivex is a spray-on substance that can evenly cover a surface on its own. The Revivex bottle design makes for a clean application that you need to apply on a flat surface.


While both Nikwax and Revivex treatments work well in terms of breathability, most conclude that Revivex is more effective in that department.

Revivex notes on their product website that their spray-on treatment’s waterproof layer creates breathability for active use and performance.

Resistance to Oil

One benefit that Revivex offers that Nikwax does not is a treatment that protects the underlying fabric from oil stains. Oil cannot penetrate through Revivex coatings, which is a perk for many buyers.


While Nikwax works well for use on leather fabrics, Revivex isn’t. Revivex is mainly made for synthetic DWR fabrics, while you can use Nikwax to treat both leather and synthetic fabrics. This makes Nikwax more suitable as an all-purpose treatment when compared to Revivex.

Final Thoughts

Nikwax and Revivex are two highly effective waterproofing treatment substances. They’re both multifunctional and durable, but Revivex seems to have more pros than cons when compared to Nikwax.

The main area where Revivex falls short of Nikwax’s capabilities is in terms of the substances you can use it on. Nikwax is a go-to for leather treatment, whereas Revivex is specific to synthetic fabrics.

All in all, they are both good options for treating outerwear that is going to frequently come in contact with moisture like rain and snow.