North Face Return Policy In 2022 (How To Easily Return Items)

If you’re looking to make a return at North Face, it’s important to understand their entire return and warranty policies. This will save you a lot of headaches and remove any potential surprises.

Of course, this will involve the length of time you have to make a return along with any other restrictions they have, like presenting receipts.

Regardless, the process is fairly quick and easy as long as you follow all their instructions to the T. There are some important differences to note in relation to how you made the purchase and with what form of payment. This includes guidelines for gift returns.

North Face Return Policy

North Face Return Policy in 2024

For online purchases, items can be returned within 60 days to either the online site or at a North Face store. To properly return your gear at their retail store, you should have the original receipt as well as the order details you received at purchase.

Does North Face Offer Free Returns?

Yes, North Face offers free returns. This goes for in-store as well as online purchases. They even provide you with a prepaid return shipping label should you choose to send it via mail. You may have to answer a few questions as to why you want to return a purchase. Other than that, it’s quite hassle-free.

How Long Do You Have To Return Items To North Face?

Generally, you have 60 days after the date of purchase to return items to North Face. The only exception to this is if you make a purchase between February and March. In this case, you have 120 days to make a return. North Face will not accept any returns, give a refund or issue a credit outside of these time allotments.

Can You Return Items Without A Receipt?

Even though North Face will accept returns without a receipt, it’s advisable you have one for most instances except for when returning a gift. Regardless, you must be able to prove the item came from North Face and not another 3rd party retailer. They will accept showing your online account if the purchase displays there.

Note that if you don’t have a receipt, you can still make a return but this will be at the sole discretion of store management. Also, you won’t be able to receive funds for it, you’ll get a credit to use in the store at another time. What’s more, they will only refund the current price of the item, not how much you paid for it.

How Can You Return Items To North Face?

You can return online-purchased items to North Face online or in-store as long as it’s within 60 days of purchase. For items acquired in-store between February and March, it’s only allowable to return the purchase to a store within 120 days of purchase. Outside of this two-month window, you have 60 days.

Online Returns

However, if you made an online purchase using something like Klama, Apple Pay, or PayPal, you cannot return items in-store; you must complete a shipping label and return it via mail or another shipping method. For online returns, you must use the following protocol:

  1. Locate the pre-paid label specifically for item returns that you received with your shipment.
  2. Find the RMA field on your return label and indicate the order number (this should be in the confirmation email you received after placing your order).
  3. Put the label onto the package and note the tracking number.
  4. Drop your return package into any USPS mailbox.
  5. In the event you didn’t receive a shipping label with your package, contact customer service ASAP.

Gift Returns

For gift returns, you must make an account online with North Face and submit a request for your return. Once approved, you can take the item to a store or go through the shipping method. You can print the pre-paid return label right from your own computer and affix it to the package you want to send back.

Are There Any Restrictions To Returning Items?

Aside from requiring receipts, whatever you choose to return, you must not have washed or used it with noticeable wear and tear. They will not accept the return or give you a store credit. Understand that returns are up to the store’s discretion and they can refuse a refund for any reason.

How Long Do Returns Take?

The act of returning items in-store will occur the same day. Ones that occur via shipping will complete within a week. Gift refunds will receive an eGift Card within 24 hours of completing the return.

All refunds come in the same form as the original payment. However, credit card returns will go back into your account within three to five business days after the date of completion. Otherwise, you will receive an in-store or online merchandise credit.