3 Best Patagonia R1 Alternatives (Hoodie Comparison)

The Patagonia R1 hoodie is one of the most popular jacket layers for mountain climbers, skiers, or any outdoor enthusiast. However, they can be a bit pricey, and some people may not be thrilled with the recycled polyester design.

Since they do cost more than some other brands, I thought it would be worth it to cover some alternatives to the Patagonia R1 that are comparable in quality and use.

Some comparable alternatives to the Patagonia R1 hoodie include jackets by Mountain Equipment, Outdoor Research, and Melanzana.

In this article, we’ll go over how each of these hoodies from the above brands compares with the original Patagonia R1 hoodie.

Patagonia R1 Hoody

Features of the Patagonia R1

There are plenty of great features that come built into the R1, which is one of the reasons it’s such a popular fleece.

Starting with the basic design, it’s lightweight, breathable, and offers a lot of versatility in which it can be worn and for what activities.

It also comes with odor control built into the fabric that works great to prevent any odor from sweat while wearing it.

The fabric material is stretchy with temperature regulation so that you’re never too hot or too cold with the R1 on.

For activities, here are the popular uses and environments for the R1:

  • Hiking
  • Skiing
  • Snowboarding
  • Casual wear

Mountain Equipment Hoodie

The Mountain Equipment Eclipse hooded jacket provides a comparable alternative to the Patagonia R1 hoodie for several reasons. It is made from an eco-friendly and very warm fleece. While the R1 is molded in a zigzag pattern, the Eclipse has a classic waffle pattern.

Both hoodies have hidden hoods, thumb holes, and are lightweight yet warm enough to use for layering in cold weather conditions such as skiing and winter hiking. The Eclipse is lauded for its comfort and flexibility which is key for an active wearer. The pricing is also fairly similar to what you would expect to pay for the Patagonia hoodie.

Outdoor Research Hoodie

The Outdoor Research Radiant Hybrid hoodie provides all of the same perks as the Patagonia R1 with its hidden hood, convenient thumb loops, and breathable technology. It’s equipped with odor control fabric to trap sweat odors from being released.

The Radiant Hybrid is a fleece also made from polyester like the Patagonia R1 but there is no indication that it is recycled polyester as the R1’s claims to be. The Radiant Hybrid hoodie is, however, about $40 to $50 cheaper than the Patagonia R1 so there is a bit of savings for your wallet if you choose this other option.

Melanzana Hoodie

The Melanzana Microgrid hoodie is another great comparison to the Patagonia R1. This design is slightly different from the R1 in that it is a pullover rather than a zip-up style. The Microgrid is also 100% polyester, while the R1 is mostly polyester with a bit of spandex for stretchability.

While the Microgrid hoodie does not have thumb loops like the R1, it does have a hidden hood which is slightly more important for keeping your ears and head warm than ensuring a tight seal around your wrists. The Microgrid is thin enough to layer but warm enough to make a difference.

Possibly the biggest advantage of choosing the Microgrid over the R1 is the price. The Microgrid runs about $100 cheaper than the Patagonia R1 which leaves you money left over to buy more gear for skiing or snowshoeing.

What Are Some Other Alternatives to the Patagonia R1?

Eddie Bauer’s First Ascent line offers a fantastic High Route gridded fleece complete with a half zipper and a hood. The fit and material are very similar to the Patagonia R1, but it costs about half the price of an R1.

The L. L. Bean Airlight hoodie is another good alternative to the Patagonia R1 with a full zipper, hood, and 100% polyester design. It does not sport the thumb loops but does have hand-warming pockets. This jacket is similarly priced to the Eddie Bauer High Route fleece.


If you love the look and feel of the Patagonia R1 but can’t find any in stock or don’t want to spend the additional cost, there are comparable alternatives that you’ll be happy with.

The Mountain Equipment Eclipse, Outdoor Research Radiant Hybrid, Melanzana Microgrid, Eddie Bauer High Route, and L. L. Bean Airlight all offer fantastic alternatives to the Patagonia R1.