Rayon Fabric For Hiking – Should You Wear It?

Picking the best fabric for your hiking trips can be a challenging task. You want to ensure that you’re comfortable no matter if it’s warm or cold outside. Rayon is one material that you might be considering wearing for climbing, hiking, or other outdoor adventures.

Is Rayon good for hiking? Rayon fabric is an excellent option for hiking due to its lightweight and breathable properties. The material is soft, comfortable, and will dry quickly in the event of sweat or rain during the hike. Rayon has a higher chance of tearing compared to other fabrics used for outdoor activities.   

Let’s now look at a few reasons why hikers often wear Rayon clothes!

Rayon for hiking

Here’s Why Rayon Clothing Is Good For Hiking Clothes

When it comes to choosing hiking clothes, the type of fabrics you pick can significantly impact your comfort. For instance, when hiking in certain areas of the world, you will need clothing that can keep your body cool by having excellent wicking and drying ability, while in other parts, you will need clothing that can keep you warm.

Rayon hiking clothing has a smooth feel on your skin and dries up quickly, making them ideal for more benevolent climate hiking activities. Besides, rayon fabrics have moderate wrinkle-resistant abilities.

Wicking Capacity

Every hiking clothing should incorporate a base layer that is in contact with your skin. The rayon fabric can effectively pull out sweat (moisture) from your skin and diffuse it to the outer surface fabric, where drying can be quick.

This way, it lets you feel less chilled or clammy despite sweating.


You will need to keep your body warm by wearing hiking clothing with effective insulating fabric in certain parts. Remember, clothing doesn’t generate heat but only helps conserve warmth.

Although not as effective as merino wool clothing, rayon clothing has excellent drying and wicking ability, thus keeping your body from excessive sweat. Rayon fabrics effectively insulate heat loss hence keeping your body warm even when hiking in cold parts of the world.

Windproof and Waterproof

The outer layer of rayon hiking clothing helps keep off rainwater from saturating your inner clothing, which would otherwise result in chilling when wind fans away the heat generated by your body.

However, most jackets that wind and water “proof” do not block 100% wind and water, which means that they only offer reasonable weather protection.

Breathable and Lightweight

One thing that gives rayon hiking clothing an upper hand is excellent breathing ability. The thin fibers in the material make it breathable, lightweight, and an excellent material for hiking. Heavy fabrics can make you warm and uncomfortable during your walk and will also hold on to any sweat for much longer without drying out.

These clothing contain an inner layer that helps expel hot air trapped inside the clothing and allow fresh air inside, thus keeping your skin in the right condition. Besides, the wicking layer is made such that it can dry out faster. Ineffective breathing fabrics can result in your body getting soaked by your sweat, bringing much discomfort.

Provides Protection Against the Sun

Most rayon hiking clothing is made such that they have incorporated an ultraviolet protection material that ensures protection of your skin against harmful UV rays while in your hiking.

However, not all rayon hiking clothing has this feature, so it is important to seek clarification from your supplier concerning the Sun Protection feature of the rayon clothing you choose.

Affordable Cost

Rayon clothing is not only effective but also affordable compared to other available materials. Generally speaking, synthetic fabrics are cheaper than natural fabrics. For example, a wool hiking shirt will cost a lot more than a rayon one.

Rayon is, therefore, an excellent choice if you are buying several shirts or are on a budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is rayon breathable?

Rayon has a thin inner layer that helps that material breathe and helps you stay cool while wearing it. The majority of shirts made of Rayon are well-ventilated and thin enough to let water vapor and sweat escape.

Is rayon good for summer?

The thin fibers in Rayon make the material lightweight, comfortable, and breathable. In the summer you’re much more likely to sweat, so Rayon is a good choice and will keep you comfortable and cool while you’re outside in the heat.

Is rayon stretchy?

Rayon has thin fibers that stretch slightly and shrink or expand depending on the heat. Even if the material gets wet or is consistently worn, the fabric is not stretchable and will keep its original form.

Is rayon soft?

Rayon feels similar to silk in that it’s smooth, soft, and comfortable when pressed against the skin. Many compare it to other natural fibers like linen or cotton when it comes to the touch or feel of the material.