How to Wash A Marmot Down Jacket (The Right Way)

The Marmot Down Jacket’s biggest appeal is the puffy, luscious silhouette. Moreover, it offers plenty of warmth with a little weight. This is attributed to the down feathers used to fill this timeless jacket.

The outside is usually treated with a durable, water-resistant(DWR) finish to protect the down feathers and maintain the lofty look. This coating repels water, preventing it from reaching the down feathers.

For proper care and maintenance, follow this helpful guide on how to wash a Marmot down jacket!

Marmot Down Jacket

Why Should You Wash Your Marmot Down Jacket?

While a DWR treatment is a protective barrier, dirt, scratches, and regular use will reduce its performance. Even if your down jacket isn’t treated with a DWR finish, you can still rejuvenate the jacket insulation by washing it.

How often should you wash a Marmot Down jacket? Well, if you wear yours often, every week, a monthly wash is sufficient. You can choose to send your Marmot down jacket to a professional down cleaner. However, DIY washing will still get the job done if this isn’t an option for you.

How to Wash a Marmot Down Jacket with A Washing Machine

Here are the things you need to wash a Marmot Down jacket using a washing machine efficiently:

  • Washing machine – A front-loading machine is better than a top loader. The latter is notorious for ruining heavy clothing since the gears can snag and rip off some material. If you have a top loader at home, use it at your own risk
  • Detergent – If possible, get a detergent specifically used to wash a down jacket. Most common ones use harsh chemicals that strip down the feathers of their natural oils and leave behind a heavy fragrance. It’s better to find a detergent that is gentle and fragrance-free. Do your research to find the best detergent available to you.
  • Dryer balls/tennis balls – They will help the jacket retain its puffiness as it dries. They do this by tumbling between the fabric to separate them and maintaining even air circulation. This prevents the feathers from clumping up. Avoid using anything heavier than tennis balls.
  • Stain remover – Before using the washing machine, this is used to remove any large, grubby spots.
  • Water – Water is the main agent that will clean your Marmot Down jacket. Water carries away the dirt and oils, leaving behind a fresh, clean jacket.

Steps for cleaning your Marmot Down jacket:

Step 1

As a means of preparation, use a stain remover and a clean cotton cloth to remove large spots. Don’t use too much force to avoid damaging the fabric.

Step 2

Set the machine to a gentle cycle. Without any detergent, do a warm water rinse.

Step 3

Add your detergent according to the manufacturer’s recommendation to your washing machine and do a gentle wash with warm water.

Step 4

Choose a warm water setting, turn the dial to rinse cycle, and do a double rinse. Make sure to use a gentle setting. The water should be less than or 30 degrees Celsius.

Step 5

Place your jacket in a clothes dryer. Put two clean dryer balls or tennis balls in with the jacket.

Dry the jacket on low heat for 2 to 3 hours. Turn the jacket every hour or so, if necessary and then remove promptly when it is fully dried.

How to Hand Wash Your Marmot Down Jacket

Here are the steps you can take to hand wash your Marmot Down jacket effectively:

  1. Grab a bathtub or large bucket. Find a bucket big enough to fit your jacket when fully submerged in water without overflowing.
  2. Fill with warm water and detergent. Don’t fill it up to prevent spillage when submerging the jacket.
  3. Submerge your jacket slowly. Allow the jacket to soak in the water.
  4. Start scrubbing with your hands. Begin with the collar, then the arms, then the front sides, then the back. This may take time and energy.
  5. Pay special attention to the seams, where dirt and oils accumulate.
  6. Wring the jacket in sections and set it aside.
  7. Prepare another bucket or bathtub with warm water.
  8. Rinse off the jacket multiple times by tumbling it through the water. Do this until all the soap is gone.
  9. Wring in sections and set out in the sun to dry.
  10. Ensure you toss and turn the jacket every 10 to 20 minutes to prevent the feathers from clumping together and ensure all sections are fully dried. You can unclamp the feathers with your fingers.
  11. Remove immediately when all the sections are fully dried.

It can take a day or two to ensure your down jacket is fully dry. Don’t hang it using clips. Instead, use a hanger.

Tips for Washing A Marmot Down Jacket

To ensure your down jacket comes out clean and maintains its quality, before washing, close all the buttons and zippers and then turn it inside out. After it has dried, pat down the jacket to redistribute the puffiness. During storage, don’t fold your jacket.

Rather, hang it up using a hanger or lay it down flat. If your jacket starts to leak feathers, seal the hole with nylon fabric tape, or sew it on. Taping or gluing works better as it doesn’t introduce new holes.


For those with Marmot gear, your down jacket deserves gentle care so that it can maintain its plumpness and warmth.

If you follow these steps during cleaning, your Marmot Down jacket will serve you for a long time and stay as warm as ever!