Does Camping World Price Match? (What You Need To Know)

Camping World aims to offer quality products at valuable prices, and they claim to match competitors’ prices.

There are rules, processes, and exclusions to keep in mind, and no price match is 100 percent guaranteed. 

Learning all these terms can save you additional time and effort for ineligible items.

Camping World Price Match

Does Camping World Price Match in 2024?

Camping World price matches lower prices on exact item matches, both in-store and online. Camping World also offers price adjustments for a lower price on the exact item within 30 days (14 days in-store) of the initial purchase date.

Camping World Price Match Rules

Camping World offers price matches as long as you:

  • Show indisputable proof of the competitor’s pricing
  • Present proof at the time of purchase
  • Present proof within 14 days for in-store price adjustments
  • Present proof within 30 days for online price adjustments

You must contact the customer service team either in-store or over the phone (1-866-450-4739) and provide the following information:

  • Competitors’ name
  • Items
  • Price
  • The location where you saw the advertised price

As long as the product does not fall under any exclusion rules, the customer service representative can award the price match or refund you the difference.

Which Items Will Camping World Price Match?

Keep in mind that in order for Camping World to price match, the item needs to be an exact match. This includes details such as:

  • Color
  • Size
  • Model
  • Condition

Camping World also takes competitors’ shipping policies into account. If the shipping price is more than the shipping price offered by Camping World, the customer service representative includes this when considering whether the competitor offers a lower price.

Camping World Price Match Process

To pursue a price match at Camping World:

  • Gather proof of the competitors’ price (usually a website link)
  • Go in-store or call a customer service representative
  • Provide the requested information so the representative can verify the price
  • Receive your confirmation of the price match or reasoning otherwise

The process is straightforward, and the option to pursue price matching over the phone increases accessibility. Make sure you have everything you need before starting the process, or you will have to start over from scratch.

Camping World Price Match Exclusions

While Camping World aims to offer the best price possible, the company has plenty of exclusions that help them maintain fair competition and prevent selling products at a loss.

Camping World does not price match offers such as:

  • Special orders
  • Rebates
  • Financing
  • Gifts with purchase
  • Service pricing

If there is a misprint or a special buy price, Camping World cannot match the value. The same applies to discontinued, clearance, or closed-out material.

Because different stores have different policies for used, damaged, returned, refurbished, and open box items, Camping World cannot appropriately match quality and price.

Sales that Camping World will not match include:

  • Flash sales (hourly or daily)
  • Post-Thanksgiving sales
  • Cyber Week
  • Credit offers
  • Loyalty promotions

Competitors must have at least one retail location; they cannot be online-only or a reseller.

If the competitor has a higher shipping charge than Camping World, this price is included in the price match consideration. If it brings the total above that of Camping World, they will not price match.

Camping World Price Adjustments

Camping World will reimburse a portion of the purchase price if you find it at a lower price within the price adjustment window. This includes lower prices at Camping World, as well as competitor pricing.

You have 30 days to pursue price adjustment over the phone, but only 14 days for in-store price adjustments.

The process to request a price adjustment is similar to price matching.

Either in-store or over the phone, provide the necessary information for the representative to verify the lower price. If they decide to award the adjustment, the difference is sent back to your payment method.


Does Camping World price match online?

Camping World price matches online prices, but you need to ensure that the retailer is not online-only. Third-party vendors such as eBay or Amazon do not qualify for price matching, as well as online resellers.

Can you combine other Camping World promotions with a price match?

You cannot combine price matching with other Camping World promotions. Choose the option that gives you a better price on its own.

Is Camping World price matching guaranteed?

Like most price matching processes, there is no guarantee that the representative will price match every situation. The decision is at the discretion of the representative, and they must adhere to certain conditions.

How do you contact Camping World for price matching?

For price matching, visit an in-store Camping World location or call the customer service team at 1-866-450-4739.

Final Thoughts

Price matching is a valuable tool for consumers to leverage, and Camping World offers this option in certain situations. 

Pay attention to the limitations, and do not hesitate to reach out to customer service for a quick answer regarding potential purchases and price adjustments.