Gore-Tex Active vs. Gore-Tex Pro (What You Need To Know)

When choosing what jacket you want to wear for doing a bunch of your outdoor activities, you pick one that fits the criteria you’re looking for. If you’re going to be doing a lot of exercises, such as cross-country skiing or trail running, you need a jacket that can best fit the continuous activity. 

Two of the most durable options for rugged conditions are Gore-Tex Active and Gore-Tex Pro.

Keep reading to learn about the similarities and differences between the Gore-Tex Pro and Active and which one is best for your choice of activities. 

Gore-Tex Active vs Pro

What are the Similarities Between Gore-Tex Active vs Pro?

The first similarity between the Gore-Tex Pro and active are waterproof and windproof, so you’re going to be able to wear them in a bunch of different types of weather while doing outdoor activities.

The Gore-Tex Pro tends to have more reliable waterproofing since it has different material than the active jacket, but both will give you adequate waterproofing regardless.

Both jackets are also reasonably lightweight though the Active does tend to be more so as it is next to the skin in the way that the Pro isn’t.

Both have a lightweight three-layer design which means that they will be breathable and easier to move around in, while also giving you the protection you need from the elements.

What are the Differences Between Gore-Tex Active vs Pro?

One of the key differences between the Gore-Tex Pro and Active is that the Active is far more breathable and works better for activities where your heart rate goes up and stays up for a long time. The Pro, in contrast, still has a breathable fabric, but it’s more about short spurts of activity with moments of rest.

Another difference is in their durability. While both jackets are very durable in their own ways, the Gore-Tex pro has abrasion-resistant material, so it doesn’t rip or tear as easily as the Active one. The Gore-Tex Pro is for surviving extreme conditions for a short period instead of the Active, which is for more everyday wear.

The Active is better for more extended periods of activity such as trail running or mountain biking because it is best suited for fast-paced and high-intensity activities that you’re going to be doing throughout the whole day.

At the same time, the Pro is better for slower paste activities or resting, such as mountaineering or climbing. Think of short spurts of exercise. 

Gore Tex Jackets

The Winner Between Gore-Tex Active and Pro

The Gore-Tex Pro is waterproof and breathable, best suited for mountain guides, alpinists, and freeriders.

It has a very durable and abrasion-resistant construction that offers wind and water protection. It manages moisture to keep you dry and provides comfort during activities with frequent rest cycles. This jacket is best for extreme conditions.

The Gore-Tex Active is a breathable jacket that will be best for more prolonged fast-paced, high-intensity activities that last the whole day. It is also waterproof and windproof, so it is suitable for activities that may be in unpredictable conditions.

It has a lightweight fabric which means that you have next-to-skin comfort while also not having a lot of bulk while participating in your chosen activities.

If you need a jacket just for an activity that you’ll be doing now and then will involve rest throughout the day, then the Gore-Tex Pro is the best jacket for you. However, if you’re going to do a continuous activity regularly, then the Gore-Tex Active will be the better choice.

What Are Other Gore-Tex Products?

These two types of jackets aren’t the only thing Gore-Tex has available that may suit you better for what you were looking for.

They all have their benefits, so here is a shortlist of some of the other products they have available and some of the characteristics to help you see if there might be a better fit for your specific situation. 

  • Gore-Tex: The regular Gore-Tex jacket is waterproof and breathable and allows maximum comfort for a wide range of activities.
  • Gore-Tex Performance Comfort: The performance Comfort jacket has a membrane that combines the durability and waterproofness of their regular jackets while optimizing breathability to keep you dry in moderate weather conditions.
  • Gore-Tex Performance Shell: The performance shell jackets are also durable and waterproof well made with a breathable fabric for a wide variety of outdoor activities.
  • Gore-Tex PacLite: The PacLite is a waterproof shell that is breathable, lightweight, and easy to pack.

Hiking In Gore-Tex


If you’re still curious about whether to get Active or Pro, here are some common questions that should help clarify.

Is Gore-Tex Pro Worth It?

For adventurers who are looking for a bulkier and more durable option, spending a little more on the Pro version of Gore-Tex can be worth it in the long run. You’ll be less likely to damage your gear when moving around outside.

Are There Different Levels of Gore-Tex?

Gore-Tex offers five different levels for their products, all with different performance benefits. The available Gore-Tex levels are Gore-Tex, Gore-Tex Pro, Gore-Tex Active, Gore-Tex PacLite, and Gore Infinium.


Both the Gore-Tex Pro and active are great jackets that will give you high quality and protect you from the elements while doing your activities outside. 

However, the Pro is much better for intense workouts that will have frequent rest periods in between, and the Active is better for continual movement throughout the day. The Pro also tends to be more durable than the Active.