Can You Polish Gore Tex Boots? 5 Tips To Keep Clean

You should avoid polishing GORE-TEX boots as the shoe polish can reduce breathability and cause moisture to stay trapped inside. Gore-Tex boots are layered with a membrane that allows vapor to pass through while preventing water from coming in. Polish and wax can block the pores in the membrane which would make the membrane less effective.

The great thing about these boots is that simply washing them should keep the leather clean and the material waterproof. If you plan on applying polish, wax, or grease to the boots, take care to apply only as much material as you need. Excess grease will have a negative impact on the performance and comfortability of the GORE-TEX brand.

Polish On Gore-Tex Boots

Dirt On Your GORE-TEX? Here’s How To Clean Them.

Sometimes it’s nice to have a clean pair of boots around the house. Cleaning and maintaining your boots will keep their condition great and actually increase how long they’ll last.

If you’re curious about how to remove dirt and grime from your boots, we hope this simple and clear guide will help.


Shake them upside down to remove any leftover dirt, mud, or gravel from inside the boots. Scrap away any dried mud that remains on the outside.


Take a soft cloth or rag and wipe down the exterior of the boots with lukewarm water. All excess dirt should be removed before scrubbing down the boots.

Dry Treatment (optional)

GORE-TEX shoes have long-lasting waterproof properties so this step isn’t always necessary. If the Durable Water Repellent starts to wear, there are treatment products that can increase the boot’s water resistance to how they were before wearing down.

Long-lasting spray to restore water repellency on GORE-TEX products includings shoes, jackets, and gloves.


Dry the boots naturally using moderate temperatures at best. The boots can be dried using a towel or put in front of a fan to dry. If they need to be dried quickly, adding paper towels or newspaper inside the boots will soak up most excess water. You should avoid direct heat that might damage and dry out the leather material.

That’s really all that needs to be done to clean a pair of GORE-TEX boots. We’ve found that even if dirt is really stuck on the exterior, a little bit of scrubbing with warm water will wash it all away. And of course, they shouldn’t take too long to dry but we don’t recommend leaving them out to dry in the sun.

Here’s my full in-depth guide to cleaning Gore-Tex shoes!

Are GORE-TEX Shoes Waterproof?

Yes GORE-TEX shoes are waterproof. The material, GORE-TEX, is a waterproof and breathable fabric membrane that is used to create various jackets, shoes, boots, and gloves.

The design is great for outdoor products because it allows the inside to stay cool and dry and prevents water build up on the outside. If you’re an avid hiker, biker, or climber, you might be surprised by how many products you’ve used in the past have GORE-TEX fabric.

The material is long-lasting which means you shouldn’t ever have to treat your items. As long as you take care of how you clean them, the breathability and comfort of the items should remain the same over the years.

Designed to be soft enough to clean leather without leaving scratch marks. Simple design that’s easy to handle and move.

Can You Put GORE-TEX in the Washer?

Some GORE-TEX items can be safely put through the wash. You should look into the products recommended cleaning procedure before attempting to put in the washer.

Here are some items that can be put in the washer. Before washing these products you should always zip up any pockets and fasten any loose straps.

  • Rain Jackets
  • Coats
  • Pants

The following items should be hand washed only.

  • Gloves
  • Boots

Gloves risk being damaged in the rough washer, especially since they have plastic clasps and straps. For shoes and boots, the laces could get damaged and the items are too delicate to put through a cleaning cycle.

GORE-TEX boots waterproof

Final Thoughts

You shouldn’t use materials like polish or wax on GORE-TEX boots. Polish can soak into the leather which blocks the pores in the waterproof material and makes them less breathable.

If the pores in the fabric are blocked then your feet will get sweaty which becomes uncomfortable and causes blistering. So, as long as you follow the care instructions listed above you can keep the boots in great condition and prevent the leather from breaking down!