How to Wash Merrell Shoes (And Keep Them Looking New)

Have you just returned from a hiking trip and noticed some visible dirt or mud on your Merrell Shoes? The next step is to wash the shoes in the safest way possible.

To avoid any damage to the shoe, Merrell shoes should never be placed in a washing machine or dryer. Hand-washing is the best option to clean Merrell shoes if you want to extend the time that they last.

Now let’s get into the actual process for cleaning with these 4 easy steps to keep your sneakers looking brand new!

How To Wash Merrell Shoes

What you need:

  • Dirty shoes!
  • Soft brush or sponge
  • Mild soap
  • Warm water
  • Paper towels or newspaper

What to avoid:

  • Washing machine
  • Dryer
  • High temperatures
  • Direct sunlight

Step-by-Step Guide

These are the four simple steps to follow while washing Merrell shoes or boots. Avoid ruining the shoes by noting the few problem areas above that can cause damage while cleaning.

1. Brush Away Surface Dirt

When it’s time to clean your pair of Merrell shoes there’s most likely some excess dirt and crud that has built up on the outside. Before doing anything with soap or water, use a shoe brush or soft sponge to wipe away the remaining dirt of mud on the shoe.

Tip: Hit your shoes together or against a wall outside to remove stuck-on dirt or mud.

2. Wash With Soap and Water

After removing the majority of dirt on the outside it’s time to move into the scrubbing process. Using warm water(not hot) and some mild soap, begin washing any areas that remain dirty after step one.

It depends on how hard the material is on the shoe, but it shouldn’t take too long to clean the entire outside section of both shoes. You should try to avoid getting water or soap inside the shoe as it could damage the insoles.

Even though putting the shoes through the washer might seem easy and quick, it can ruin the material of the shoe. The longevity of waterproof shoes can especially be affected when going through a cycle in the washer.

Tip: Rinse off extra soap residue which will attract dirt to the shoe.

3. Remove Insoles and Laces

If you need to clean the inside of your shoes the easiest way is to completely remove the liner or insoles. They can then be washed by following the same procedure or warm water and mild soap.

Once clean, leave the insoles out to dry at room temperature before placing them back in the shoe. If there is any damage to the shoelaces, carefully remove them and replace with new laces.

Tip: Hang insoles or liner to dry quickly.

4. Dry at Room Temperature

High temperatures are the one thing to stray away from when drying out most shoes. If the shoes are exposed to high heat the materials and adhesives could break down. The shoes should not be put in the dryer or left out in the direct sunlight.

As long as the inside of the shoe isn’t completely soaked, they should dry up by letting them sit out at room temperature overnight. To dry them quickly, crumple up some newspaper or paper towels and place them inside of the shoe. This will absorb the extra water and dry out the shoes much quicker.

Tip: Replace the paper towels after an hour or two once they are damp.

Final Thoughts

I love my Merrell shoes and will do anything to keep them long-lasting and clean. As long as you follow the simple guide above on washing Merrell shoes, you’ll have no problem keeping them looking and feeling brand new.

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