Are Merrell Shoes Waterproof? (Or Water Resistant)

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Have you been caught out in the rain without waterproof shoes?

Merrell has some great options for waterproof shoes, all built to remain comfortable while keeping your shoes dry from the elements. If you’re an avid hiker, you should consider getting a pair of water-resistant shoes that won’t break down while going through puddles or the rain.

Are Merrell shoes waterproof?

Although not all Merrell shoes are waterproof, they do offer shoes and boots that are. Some styles, such as Alverstone and Zion, use GORE-TEX or M-Select to keep any water out without reducing breathability. Their waterproof technology offers protection from the elements and strong traction on wet surfaces.

Water Resistant – What are Merrell Shoes Made From?

The Merrell company has a strong focus on using recycled materials for their different shoe components. Some of these materials include recycled polyester, recycled rubber, and recycled eva.

For leather, 95% of the material comes from highly rated tanneries, which means they use the best practices and standards for the environment. There are also natural materials used like wool and cotton which are renewable sources and environment friendly.

Below is a complete list of Merrells used materials:

  • Recycled Polyester
  • Recycled Rubber
  • Recycled Eva
  • Leather (strong standards and protocol for selection)
  • Wool
  • Down
  • Probiotic Odor Control

If you’re looking for a nice pair of socks to go with your resistant shoes, check out Darn Tough Socks.

Are Merrell Shoes Slip Resistant?

Merrell offers a technology called M Select™ PRO, which is a feature that makes shoes slip resistant on most wet surfaces. Not all shoes offered are built with slip resistant capabilities, but the ones that are come with increased traction and work great on tiled or concrete floors.

According to Merrell, a pair of their slip resistant shoes meets the non-slip standards of Mark II. Here is a good look into the requirements as well as an idea of how well the shoes will work on different surfaces.

Will these hiking shoes be worn daily? It’s important to think about the weather conditions and how often the shoes will be worn to decide whether the slip-resistance is needed or not.

Are all Merrell Shoes Waterproof?

Not all Merrell made shoes are designed and built to be waterproof. There is a section of their products that include either their GORE-TEX or M-Select Dry technology. These two components are what allow the shoes to stay dry without compromising breathability.

These shoes and boots are equipped to work and last in any wet-weather environment, and come built with great traction outsoles to increase stability while moving in wet conditions.

Can you put Merrell Shoes in the Washer?

While it may seem like the easiest way, you should never wash place Merrell shoes or boots in the washer. The sock-liner, insoles, and laces can be damaged with extended use of a washer. To increase the lifetime of your shoes, hand-washing with a shoe brush and warm water is the best option.

Cleaning Process

  • Use a shoe brush or sponge combined with warm water to remove dirt or mud that remains on the outside of the shoe
  • Remove the liner or insole to wash separately
  • Hand wash or replace damaged laces
  • Air-dry the shoes or let them sit with paper towels or newspaper inside to absorb the extra water

The dryer should be avoided as well while cleaning your Merrell shoes. High temperatures will cause the leather material in the shoe to break down and tighten up.

As long the boots aren’t completely soaked, simply leaving them to dry(not in the sun) will be enough to avoid any damage. If you absolutely need the shoes dried quickly, you can use the lowest temperature on the dryer which will reduce your chances of ruining the material.

Final Thoughts

There are plenty of options for waterproof shoes that the Merrell brand offers. Do you need waterproof shoes or are they not usually needed? For hiking, I would suggest having a pair of shoes or boots that you can wear out in the rain or while going through some wet areas. This will keep your shoes clean and fresh as well as increase the time that the shoes remain in top shape.

If you’re thinking about upgrading or getting a pair of waterproof shoes, this pair on amazon is the best that I’ve bought from Merrell.


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