Is Polyester Good For Hiking? (It Depends)

Have you been wondering, is polyester good for hiking? There are so many different materials that hiking gear is made from, it can be difficult to understand which ones are good and when to use them.

Is polyester good for hiking? Polyester is a lightweight material and breathable material that makes it a good choice for hiking clothes like pants, shirts, and socks. Since polyester stays dry and cool, it’s a popular choice for outdoor activities and works well in all weather conditions.

If you’re still curious about why companies use polyester, this article will cover the benefits of the material and also when you should wear it.

Polyester Hiking Gear

Hiking In Polyester – Benefits

These are the top reasons why polyester is a common material and a good choice for hiking gear.

Warm in Winter

Many people tend to prefer to wear clothing that is made of polyester during the winter months when they are enjoying some great hiking adventures.

The reason why they prefer clothing that is made of polyester is due to the fact that polyester moves the presence of any moisture away from the surface of the skin toward the exterior surface of the material, which results in ensuring that one’s skin is kept dry.

As a result, this helps to keep the person warm. When your skin is moist or damp in cold weather, you will sense cold. But when your skin is kept dry, you will experience better warmth, which is what polyester does.

Modified for Winter Comfort

It is noted that there are some types of polyesters that have been modified for the sake of increasing the level of comfort. A few of these commonly modified polyesters tend to be G-Loft, Polarguard, Primaloft, Thermolite, etc.

They are particularly designed to provide comfort as well as warmth during conditions of extreme cold.

The polyester that is modified is designed with the purpose of granting additional insulation for a higher level of thermal efficiency. Modified polyester is applied in the making of winter jackets, footwear, pants, gloves as well as sleeping bags.

Wearing Polyester in winter

Dries Quickly

Polyester consists of fiber that is able to dry supremely fast. It is great to realize that this fabric is highly convenient to wear when you are hiking in wet and damp weather, due to the fact that polyester is able to dry much more quickly than nylon, spandex, wool, cotton, or rayon.

That is why polyester is so frequently used in regard to the fabrication of outdoor gear and outdoor clothing.


Polyester is a great material to use when hiking, due to the fact that it is super durable. Truly this material has much resistance and resilience. It is resistant to abrasions, chemicals, and heat.

In addition, it has a high resistance to insects, rot, dirt as well as fungi. That is why many items are made of polyester and why it is ideal for usage during hiking.

Repels Water

Polyester is a good choice when you are hiking, due to the fact that you never know when the weather could change, such as the onset of rain or snow. When you use polyester when you are hiking, you will be pleased that polyester repels water rather well.

But this does not mean that the material is waterproof. However, waterproofing chemicals are often applied to many items that are made of polyester.

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Is Polyester Good For Hot Weather?

Since polyester retains moisture and traps heat inside the material, it isn’t a good choice for hot weather or activities that make you sweat. The material is durable so there are no negatives to wearing it in warm weather except for the increased temperature that will come from it.

Summer Polyester

Best Fabric For Hot & Humid Weather

1. Cotton – Cotton is a lightweight and soft material that is very breathable. Wearing cotton clothing will help you to stay cool by letting your body heat and sweat escape the fabric.

2. Linen – For those sunny and hot days, linen is great for absorbing moisture and keeping heat away from your skin. It dries in no time so even in intense activities you can stay cool and dry.

3. Rayon – The thin fibers of rayon let heat flow through and prevent it from getting trapped near your body. It’s also comfortable and cool which makes it popular for summer clothing.

4. Merino Wool – Another fabric with thin fibers, merino wool is great for absorbing heat and letting it vent out of the material.

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Polyester Jacket in Rain

Final Thoughts

Wearing clothes that are made of polyester while hiking provides benefits like durability, comfort, lightweight, and water-resistance. There are very few downsides to the material which is why it’s a common choice for outdoor activities from hiking to camping.

Do be mindful that since polyester holds the heat rather well, this makes polyester not an ideal choice to wear when the weather is hot. The material is not breathable, which means that the heat of your body will not be able to escape to allow you to cool off during hot weather.

But in many cases, polyester is ideal for hiking when the weather is not too hot!