How To Wash Gore-Tex Jackets (Steps to Follow)

Eventually, anyone who owns a Gore-Tex jacket will start to wonder how they should be washed.

You can wash a Gore-Tex jacket in your washing machine with warm water at 105 degrees Fahrenheit. Gore-Tex recommends you use a permanent-press cycle.

Beyond these initial instructions, there are some steps you’ll have to take. The steps involve prepping, drying, ironing, and reactivating the water repellent features of your jacket.

Let’s take a look!

Cleaning Gore-Tex Jackets

Steps to Wash a Gore-Tex Jacket

Here is every step that you’ll need to follow to safely wash your Gore-Tex jacket.

1. Prepare the Jacket

Remove anything from the pockets. This includes gadgets, tissues, gloves, or miscellaneous items. Then, zip up all the openings on the jacket.

2. Combine with Similar Clothing Items

You don’t have to wash your Gore-Tex jacket separately, but you’ll need to exclude heavily-soiled clothing. Remove those items and wash them on their own.

Only wash the Gore-Tex jacket with similar clothing. Refrain from overloading the washer’s tub.

3. Use a Mild Detergent

Use a mild detergent that doesn’t contain bleach, toxic chemicals, fabric softeners, or stain removers. Also, you’ll only need a little bit of detergent. Avoid filling up the cap, and you should stick with liquid detergents. No powder.

You’ll also want to rinse your jacket twice. If the permanent-press cycle on your washer doesn’t include two rinses, run through a second one once the cycle’s finished.

4. Air Dry the Jacket

You have a few choices here. One method is to let your Gore-Tex jacket air dry. Once it’s dry, place it in your dryer for 20 minutes on the “tumble dry low” setting. This will reactivate the water-repellent.

To make sure it’s been reactivated, drop a bit of water on the sleeve of the jacket. If the water beads up, you’re good to go.

The second method is to skip the air drying and simply dry the jacket in your dryer on “tumble dry low.” During the cycle, the water-repellent should reactivate. Go ahead and test a portion of the jacket to make sure.

What Not To Do When Cleaning Gore-Tex Jackets


Ironing can be done with Gore-Tex jackets, however, it’s not recommended since it requires precautions and care. The ironing will provide the heat the fabric needs to reactivate the water-repellent.

To iron your Gore-Tex jacket, place the iron on a mild setting. This setting should be warm without any steam. Put a piece of cloth or a towel on top of the jacket and then iron over it.

Dry Cleaning

The manufacturer does not recommend dry cleaning. But if you must use dry-cleaning services, make sure the facility uses a clear distilled hydrocarbon solvent. The dry cleaner should also spray durable water-repellent treatment on the jacket afterward.

How Often Should You Wash A Gore-Tex Jacket?

It’s best to wait until there’s a need to clean your jacket. For instance, if there’s debris and dirt buildup. Or there’s an unpleasant lingering odor within the fabric.

While washing and drying the jacket reactivates the water-repellent treatment, washing the jacket too often can cause it to wear out sooner.

What if the Water-Repellent Treatment Doesn’t Reactivate?

If the dryer or iron doesn’t successfully reactivate your jacket’s water-repellent treatment, you’ll need to reapply it. You can purchase water-repellent treatment online. Some experts recommend using the pump or spray-on version rather than a wash-in product.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do with a Gore-Tex Jacket with Persistent Beading?

With these jackets, you can wash them on your machine’s delicate cycle with water that’s 105 degrees Fahrenheit. However, you should not dry or iron a Gore-Tex jacket with persistent beading material.

You also shouldn’t use bleach or a dry-cleaning service. These jackets do not require you to reapply durable water-repellent treatment, and you should avoid this step.

What if My Washer Doesn’t Have a Permanent-Press Option?

You can use the gentle or delicate cycle instead. Just make sure that the water isn’t too cold and that it’s set to a lukewarm temperature. Most washers allow you to adjust the water temperature from a cycle’s preset options.

You should be okay as long as the cycle doesn’t rapidly spin the load.

How Much Detergent is Optimal?

You should stick to no more than a single ounce of liquid detergent per load. However, your local water quality will determine if you need to make slight adjustments.

How Can I Pre-Treat Stains?

The manufacturer recommends that you stay away from stain remover products. Instead, use a bit of liquid detergent to pre-treat any stains. You can apply the detergent directly to the stain or use a pre-wash cycle with liquid detergent.


Caring for your Gore-Tex jacket is a relatively straightforward process once you get the hang of it. Remember to wash it with similar clothing items and use liquid, mild laundry detergent.

Select the permanent press or delicate cycle on your washing machine and set the water temperature to a lukewarm option.