Are Arc’teryx Products Worth It? (What to Consider)

Certain brands have a higher cost and sometimes it’s difficult to know whether or not the price is worth it. One company that people often consider higher cost is Arc’teryx.

Arc’teryx is known for being quite a luxury brand as the majority of its gear is relatively expensive. Many customers pride Arc’teryx on the quality of the items and agree that the durability, comfort, and design are worth the cost. For certain activities, the Arc’teryx quality does justify the high cost.

Read this article to find out more about the quality of Arc’teryx clothing, whether they are sustainable in their manufacturing processes and if the price you pay is for the item’s quality or just the brand’s name.

Arc'teryx Gear Cost

Is Arc’teryx Gear Worth the Cost?

For many people, the high price of Arc’teryx gear isn’t worth it. They make products that are geared towards more intense activities like alpine climbing or ski mountaineering.

If you’re planning on using their gear for less performance-based environments like hiking and camping, there are better options available that cost much less.

With easier activities, you won’t be in such harsh environments and won’t be able to fully utilize the high-quality durability of their gear.


Arc’teryx is unarguably more expensive than most brands but they vouch that their quality is the highest on the market, and that’s what you pay for. Many previous customers say that the ability to move while wearing an Arc’teryx jacket is incomparable to other brands as well as its resistance to rips and tears.

These jackets are also absolutely wind and rainproof, yet breathable and comfortable. There really isn’t a comparison when it comes to the quality of this brand.

Many customers purchase an Arc’teryx item knowing they will never have to re-purchase because the item’s lifespan is so long, this does mean that they are more expensive, so in the case of quality, the price tag is justified.


Arc’teryx prides itself on sustainability and states that they do the best they can in order to make each product sustainable and as environmentally friendly as possible. They are part of the UN Fashion Charter and Outdoor Industry Association Climate Action Corps as well as being one of the first companies to set a verified science-based target.

They are also focusing on fair trade movements and ensuring that working conditions, wherever their products are being made, continue to be improved. All of these factors mean they are doing their best to be sustainable and these efforts are reflected and justified in the price.


Unfortunately, Arc’teryx has been found they don’t do enough when it comes to reducing waste during manufacturing as well as water reduction during its cleaning processes. Another issue is that Arc’teryx continues to test on animals during their manufacturing process and there is no evidence to suggest they will be stopping that anytime soon.

They clearly cut corners when it comes to their manufacturing and these troubling factors should reduce the cost of their items, however, it seems to inflate them. However, it does take time to manufacture one of these famous Arc’teryx jackets, around 5 hours per piece to be exact so we can imagine that this is also a factor as to why the items are so expensive, production time is definitely not short.


Arc’teryx is aware that they charge much more for their items than most outdoor brands, however, they argue that their prices have to ensure the products’ long-term use, which requires only the best materials from around the world to be used in each and every product.

Arc’teryx also spent a lot of time and money on testing their materials before using them in items, they even expanded into a 243,000 square-foot workspace in New Westminster which is dedicated to batch tests and extensive prototype tests.


All of their well-trained experts are located in North Vancouver and have been headhunted from around the world. They are experts in color creation, material effectiveness, machine engineers, and design gurus. It’s understandable that these people would need a pretty high salary as they are the people that make Arc’teryx so great, therefore, they need to be repaid for their knowledge and expertise.

We can justify this being a factor in Arc’teryx’s high price because, without this group of people, the brand wouldn’t have such incredible products.

Why Are Arc’teryx Jackets Expensive?

Arc’teryx jackets have great construction, high-quality materials, and are long-lasting compared to other available jackets. They’re also designed extremely well, warm, and fit comfortably.

On top of being comfortable, the jackets give you great mobility and don’t restrict you from moving around quickly.

They build their jackets with synthetic insulation to help keep the products windproof and waterproof against rain and snow.

Does Arc’teryx Have Sales?

Although there aren’t specific times when they have sales, you can often find good deals on Arc’teryx gear at one of their outlet stores. The months of February and March are the best times to check out the outlets for discounts on products like their jackets and boots.

There’s also a mailing list that you could join, where occasionally they have sent out discounts for up to 25% of your order throughout the year.


Hopefully, this answered your question on whether or not Arc’teryx is worth the money! They design high-quality gear that’s durable and can withstand rougher environments.

Not everybody can take advantage of their gear, so it might be worth looking at some less expensive brands depending on what you’ll use the products for.