Merrell Return Policy (Full Guide + Common FAQs)

Merrell is an American manufacturer of outdoor apparel and shoes and is best known for its line of high performance hiking boots. The brand is consistently ranked in the top 5 companies for high quality outdoor footwear.

Their return policy doesn’t last for long, and it’s important to know what steps need to be taken to get a refund.

Continue reading on to learn more about Merrell’s return policy for 2024 including how to return items and how long you have to do so.

Merrell Return Policy

What Is the Merrell Return Policy In 2024?

Merrell, unlike its competitors, has a minimal return policy statement that can be found on its website ( According to their website, Merrell will accept returns or exchanges up to 30 days after your shipping date.

The company does specify that any return or exchange must be unworn, in original packaging. Merrell states that they must receive the item in hand within 21 days of the return or exchange start date to be eligible for a full refund or exchange.

Does Merrell Offer Free Returns? 

Yes! Merrell currently offers completely free exchanges and returns. There are no restocking fees and the company states that as long as your product is unworn and in its original packaging, there is no fee for returning or exchanging your products.

For returns only, there is a $5 shipping fee that the company charges for their shipping label. This is only to cover the cost of return shipping.

If your refund or exchange request is for defective items that are covered under the warranty, Merrell will assume all shipping costs associated with the product.

How Long Do You Have To Return Items to Merrell? 

Upon receiving your Merrell products, you have exactly 30 days to initiate and start a return process. Once the return has been requested, the Merrell company will grant a 21 day period from the start of the return request to receive items for a full refund. 

Merrell is explicit that no unworn item will be accepted if the request is made after 30 days of the purchase date.

Worn items that qualify for warranty coverage do not have a time frame for refund or exchange requests, as long as the defect is the result of faulty manufacturing.

Can You Return Items Without a Receipt? 

Yes. According to Merrell, the company will accept return or exchange requests without a receipt. This is providing that the items being returned or exchanged are new, unworn, and in their original packaging.

It is helpful to note that even though the company does not require a receipt for a refund or exchange, you will need to provide the card used to purchase the item initially.

If you did not pay with a card and instead paid with cash, you will need to have your receipt for proof of purchase to start a return or exchange.

How Can You Return Items To Merrell?

As of 2022, there are two ways to return or exchange Merrell products. The first way to return or exchange a Merrell product is by visiting any one of their 48 stores in the United States.

Returning or exchanging items at a physical location ensures you will receive excellent customer service and your exchange or refund is completed quickly.

The other way to return or exchange items from Merrell is through the mail. You can drop off your items with a shipping label provided by Merrell at either UPS or FedEx. Merrell does suggest using FedEx, however, as it averages the faster shipping and delivery time.

Are There Any Restrictions on Returning Items? 

Yes! Any returns or exchanges must be initiated within 30 days of the date of purchase. From the time of refund request, Merrell must receive your item in 21 days or less for the return to be accepted.

Some items from Merrell are also covered under their warranty program. Boots, socks, sandals, and other apparel come with separate warranties for defective merchandise. You must contact customer service for the warranty information on your specific product.

Merrell specifically states that warranties for defective merchandise will cover worn products, however, the company further states that excessively worn products are not eligible for warranty coverage.

How Long Do Returns To Merrell Take? 

The Merrell company handles all returned products within 5 to 10 business days of receiving them, depending on when they were received.

Shipping times will vary based on the company that is chosen for return shipping as well as how long it takes for the customer to send out the product.