Direct Wash-in vs. Spray On (Nikwax Tx Comparison)

Nikwax Tx Direct is one of the best waterproofing products on the market. Using it can make your clothing completely water-resistant. They’ve got two formulations to meet your needs.

One of them is a wash-in product. It’s able to coat your entire garment in a waterproof coating. Their spray-on formulation is meant for spot treatments. Either of them is a great option. But, one might be more suitable for you depending on your needs.

Nikwax Waterproof Gear

Nikwax Tx Direct Wash-in

Nikwax Tx Direct Wash-in is meant to be used with your washing machine. Completely submerging your clothes in their proprietary formula can give them better results. That way, when you’re out in the elements, water won’t seep through at all.

We’d recommend using it when you’re planning to go somewhere with difficult weather. It’s a bit better at providing durable waterproofing throughout an entire garment. It takes a little while to dry completely, though. So, you’ve got to make sure you’ll have enough time for it to set. Otherwise, it’s not going to work effectively.


Nikwax’s formula is great at providing a waterproof coating to your entire clothes. It’s not as fast as their spray-on formula, tough. So, you’ve got to have plenty of time for all of it to dry. Here are a few of the best advantages it’s got to offer.

Complete Protection:

First of all, it’s going to coat every inch of your clothing. Putting it into your washing machines ensures nothing gets missed. You’re not going to get out into the wild and be disappointed. Even a serious rainstorm isn’t going to get you wet when you’re using this.

Long Lasting:

Another great benefit would be its effective lifespan. The wash-in formula doesn’t break down nearly as fast. So, a single application could last you an entire season.

Easy to Use:

All you’ve got to do is toss it into the washing machine. Make sure you’re following the directions on the bottle, though. Putting too many clothes into the machine would make it less effective.

How to Use

If you’ve got a bottle, it’ll have directions on the label. We’ll walk you through the process, too.

  1. Toss two articles of clothing into your washing machine. Make sure nothing else is in the machine with them.
  2. Fill the washing machine with 100 ml of Nikwax wash-in formula.
  3. Turn on the washing machine using a slow spin cycle.

That’s all you’ve got to do to use this product. You’ll want to make sure you’ve cleared any detergent buildup before starting a cycle. Otherwise, it could wash out the product before it sets.

Nikwax Tx Direct Spray On

Nikwax Tx Direct Spray-On is another great waterproofing formula. It’s not going to coat every fiber in your clothes, though. But, it’s ideal for when you’re in a pinch. If you’re out in the elements, nothing is going to get the job done better.

We’d recommend bringing a bottle along when you’re going for a hike. If you notice water seepage, spray some of it on your clothes. It’s best when you’re treating a specific spot. Their wash-in formula performs better for an entire article of clothing.


Nikwax’s spray-on formula is great at what it does. Sure, it’s not going to provide an even layer of protection for all your clothes. But, nothing is better at spot treatments than Nikwax.

Spot Treatments:

Let’s say you’re going camping. But, you notice part of your clothes seems to be wet. Spray a layer of this onto them, and you’ll be good to go. Those spots aren’t getting wet again.

Fast Acting:

Their wash-in formula takes a bit longer to fully dry. Using the spray-on formula seems lightning quick in comparison. Simply apply a few spurts of it to your clothes. Then, within a few moments, they’ll be ready to use.

Simple to Use:

Applying this stuff isn’t rocket science. You’ve just got to point it at your clothes. Then, you can push the cap. It’ll release a mist of its waterproofing solution. Let it dry. After that, they’ll be waterproof.

How To Use Nikwax

Remember to check the label when you’re getting ready to use it. There should be directions there. However, we’ve got step-by-step directions for you as well.

  1. Lay your clothes on a flat surface. Make sure there’s nothing on them, either.
  2. Take the bottle and hold it 6 inches away from whatever you’re spraying.
  3. Apply an even coat to your clothing. Then, give it about 2 minutes to dry.
  4. Once it’s done drying, you can wipe off anything left on the surface. We’d recommend using a dry cloth.

The Bottom Line

Both products are great for waterproofing your clothes. The wash-in formula takes longer to dry. But, it provides a more even layer of protection. Their spray-on formula goes on quickly, and it dries fast. It isn’t going to protect your entire shirt, though. Either of them would be a great choice depending on your needs.