Smartwool Return Policy (How To Easily Return Items)

If you’re looking for a good quality pair of socks, you can’t go wrong with Smartwool. However, if you’ve purchased the wrong size or wrong pair of socks, you may be wondering if you can return them.

Every shopper wants a quick and easy experience. To save you time and stress, we’re going to break down what you can expect with the Smartwool return policy in 2024.

Keep reading to learn what you need to do to quickly and easily return your Smartwool items.

Smartwool Return Policy

Smartwool Return Policy in 2024

Smartwool allows free returns on items that are unused and have been purchased within the last 45 days. These purchases can either be returned online or at a Smartwool location. In 2024, the average time it takes to receive a refund from Smartwool is around two to three weeks.

Does Smartwool Offer Free Returns?

Did you get the wrong item at Smartwool? Don’t worry, Smartwool offers free returns on items you’ve purchased. There is one condition though. Customers may only return items that haven’t been worn.

If you have worn the socks and realized they aren’t right for you, unfortunately, you will not be able to return them.

How Long Do You Have To Return Items To Smartwool?

If you are unhappy with your Smartwool purchase, you have up to 45 days to return the items. Although this is the standard process, you can always reach out to customer service to see if they would extend beyond that date.

Can You Return Your Items Without a Receipt?

Currently, there is no public information about whether or not customers can return items without a receipt. On the Smartwool official website, it claims that all refunds will be returned to the customer’s original payment method. It also mentions that items can also be returned for exchange (for example, if you purchased the wrong size or color).

If you have lost your Smartwool receipt, you will not be able to provide proof of purchase to refund your money. However, if you contact the nearest Smartwool location to ask about the return policy, you may be allowed to return for an exchange.

How Can You Return Items To Smartwool?

There are two ways in which you can return items to Smartwool. The method you choose will depend on how you bought the items.

Return to Smartwool Stores

If you purchased an item from a Smartwool store, you will need to bring it in with the receipt for a full refund or an exchange.

ReturnSmartwool Online Purchases

With online orders, you will only be able to get a refund. Smartwool doesn’t do exchanges for online orders. If you’ve purchased the wrong size but still want the item, you will need to repurchase it once your refund goes through.

Returning an online purchase from Smartwool is very easy. When you receive the package, it will include return labels just in case. If you need to return the items, simply place them back in the package and put the shipping labels on them, and return them to the mail carrier free of charge.

If you misplace or lose the free return label, don’t worry, you aren’t out of luck. You can get in touch with Smartwool customer support to get a new shipping label sent to you by email at or by phoning  888-879-9665. You can also download and print a shipping label directly from the Smartwool website.

If you are unable to download and print a label and it is too close to the cutoff date to order a new label, you aren’t out of luck.

Simply return the items by mail to Smartwool returns at:

Timberland Distro Center, 50 Service Lane, Danville, KY 40422. 

Include a piece of paper with the following information:

  • Your name
  • Order number (this can be found in your order confirmation email from Smartwool)
  • Mailing address
  • Email address

You will not have to provide any banking information because Smartwool will be able to use your order number to find your payment method and issue the refund.

Are There Any Restrictions to Returning Items To Smartwool?

Smartwool will only accept returned items that have not been worn and are in the original package. There are no exceptions for socks that have been lightly worn or only for a short period. It is unhygienic for the company to accept returned socks that have been worn.

How Long Do Returns Take?

How long the Smartwool return takes will depend on how you return the item. If you go into the store to return it, the cashier will immediately return the full amount to your original payment method or allow you to choose an item for exchange.

If you return an online order, the refund won’t be instant. Smartwool advises all online customers that it could take an average of 3 weeks for a refund to go through. This is because it takes time for the item to return back to Smartwool and for the bank to process the return.