6 Alternatives to the Danner Brand (Features & Comparison)

Danner has been supplying hikers, backpackers, outdoorsy people, and active individuals with top-notch quality boots since the 1930s. The brand has a selection of hikers, runners, casual shoes, and hunting boots that are made for adults, offering accessories to ensure the shoes you select are the perfect fit.

The brand was started in the United States to offer the best boots possible to those who have a thirst for adventure.

Though the Danner brand has been able to sustain a solid reputation for quality since they have been available, some might be looking for Danner alternatives that are comparable in usefulness, price, and diverse design, or may even want something comparable but just a little bit different. 

Below are a few options for brands that are similar to Danner boots, offering those who love spending time outdoors in any capacity some excellent quality footwear that will hold up during their adventures.

Danner Alternatives

Brands Similar to Danner in 2024

Here’s where I’ll cover each alternative option and how they stack up to Danner!


Asolo has a range of hiking shoes and boots that will appeal to a variety of personal tastes. Throughout their offerings, one will find quality, lightweight, and durable shoes that are comfortable to wear throughout many of your adventures.

Asolo’s selections can be a little bit pricier than Danner’s, but you will get the same type of dependability that Danner is known for. They are designed to be safe when navigating rough terrain, and you can trust them to hold up when trekking through mud, puddles, or rocky paths.


Merrell has a similar reputation to Danner in terms of being a trusted brand for outdoor endeavors. Amongst Merrell’s inventory are a plethora of boots that are made for hiking, walking, and other outdoor exploration.

Some styles are similar to Danner’s classic look, while others are more on the athletic or utilitarian side. Also similar to Danner, Merrell’s boots are designed to withstand harsh weather and wet conditions to keep your feet dry and comfortable all day.


If you like to take it to the extreme when exploring the outdoors, Scarpa is a brand worth considering for your footwear needs. Scarpa designs a wide range of footwear suitable for many kinds of outdoor activities, from hiking, to climbing, to running and more.

Much like Danner, Scarpa offers a similar range of designs that appeal to those who like the leather look, the sporty look, or the simple, classic hiking style boot. Scarpa footwear is also designed to handle different terrains and weather conditions to keep you steady on your feet.

La Sportiva 

If you like your footwear to have a small amount of flash, La Sportiva is one of the brands to explore. This brand designs various types of footwear that are excellent for walking, hiking, climbing, and similar activities. Their footwear has some splashes of color and interesting details that make them look unique.

Like Danner, materials are strong enough to handle the activity you put them through. Their price point is a little bit more affordable than their Danner counterpart. La Sportiva also has more athletic looking footwear than Danner does, though they do have more simple designs as well.


You can tell by looking at a pair of Zamberlan boots that you’re getting a very strong and well-made pair of boots. Many of the styles you can find from this brand have a somewhat similar look to Danner’s hiking boots. As such, Zamberlan is an ideal option if you’re looking for hiking or backpacking boots.

A Zamberlan boot will support the foot throughout uneven or challenging hikes, making sure that your feet are protected if there happens to be inclement weather. Their prices are also pretty comparable to Danner’s prices in that they fall between the mid-range and high price points depending on the style you choose.

L.L. Bean 

If you like the sleek look of a Danner hiking boot, L.L. Bean has some similar styles in their hiking boot range. Outside of how they look, this brand creates hiking footwear that is water resistant with a solid foundation that’ll help you avoid slipping while hiking.

L.L. Bean also offers a selection of hiking shoes, many with a traditional hiking aesthetic or a more modern, athletic look. This brand also has a selection of outdoor footwear for the whole family to venture outdoors together.

Final Thoughts 

The most important factor for your outdoor footwear is that it supports your foot and has solid tread that will withstand any activity you’re participating in. Danner, as well as the alternatives for the brand listed above, are sure to provide that for you.

Having options to choose footwear that also fits in with your aesthetic and protects your feet from the elements is ideal, so you have a trusted pair of boots or shoes to continue exploring the nature surrounding you in the safest and most comfortable way possible.