Gore-Tex vs. Gore-Tex Pro (Comparing The Benefits)

Gore-Tex products are high-quality products made for plenty of outdoor adventures and environments. Two of their popular lines are the Gore-Tex original and the Gore-Tex pro garments. Both options are useful and popular, but each option performs much better in specific cases.

There are a few key differences between these two product lines, so let’s get into the differences and similarities between Gore-Tex and Gore-Tex Pro!

Gore-Tex Boots

Gore-Tex and Gore-Tex Pro Comparison

For my comparison below I’ll be going over the different features and benefits that each product line has. There are a lot of similarities between the two with different levels of performance.

Hopefully, these sections will help you find the right choice for your needed use.

Waterproof Level

The normal Gore-Tex products are designed to be waterproof as a benefit. This technology should have no issues providing protection and keeping you dry through snow and rain.

In comparison, the Pro level of products comes with their Guaranteed To Keep You Dry promise and is designed to keep you dry through harsh downpours. That means that you have the option to repair, replace, or refund your product if you’re unsatisfied with its waterproofness. It is a limited guarantee so there is a time limit and performance issues that happen because of misuse aren’t eligible to be refunded.


Another core benefit for Gore-Tex products is that they’re breathable. Even the waterproof gear is made in a way that water vapor and moisture can easily escape from your boots, jacket, or hat.

Gore-Tex Pro is considered extremely breathable and gives the highest level of breathability that they offer. The Pro line is more breathable which leads to less sweat build up and more temperature regulation during intense activities.


The third benefit that all Gore-Tex technology gives is protection against harsh winds. It’s great to have windproof gear especially when it’s combined with water-resistant properties. Blocking out wind should help keep you comfortable and warm even against a high wind chill.

The Pro products are totally windproof and well in even colder situations. If you’re planning on using their products in colder environments it might be worth the upgrade for increased warmth and protection.

Additional Benefits of Gore-Tex Pro

After those three main categories above, there are other added benefits that their Pro line products have. Alongside increased comfort and protection you can expect the following features if you upgrade to Pro gear.


Since these products are designed for harsher conditions, it’s important to note that they’re also designed to be more durable. This is their longest-lasting protection that can be used in environments with a lot of wind and rain. Gore-Tex lasts for a good amount of time if it’s taken care of correctly.


Many of the products have their featured Stretch technology which works well in combination with increased durability. This added flexibility allows you to easily move around with no restrictions from your gear.

Environmental Impact

One of my favorite reasons to upgrade to Gore-Tex Pro is that they have a stronger focus on lowering their environmental footprint. They are built with recycled and textiles that are solution-dyed and use less water and CO2 emissions.

How Does Gore-Tex Pro Work?

Three main parts are used together to provide great protection for Gore-Tex Pro products.

Most of the jackets come with three different layers that are a unique combination of membranes. These layers are what provide durable, flexible, and comfortable garments with waterproof linings throughout.

The outer layer of the three is built to be more rugged so that the outside is stronger against snags, tears, or scratches.

Another piece of technology that makes the Pro line so advanced is their Micro Grid Backer Technology. This gives the inner layers and lining added padding and protection from abrasion without adding any extra weight.

What is Gore-Tex Pro Made For?

Although most people would be able to enjoy the numerous benefits of the Pro line, it’s better suited for certain activities.

One of the most common activities is hiking, and from my experience, the normal Gore-Tex products offer enough protection for that. If you like to hike in the Winter with colder climates, you might want the added shielding against the wind and rain.

If you’re looking for gear for any of the following adventures, an upgrade to Pro gear might be worth it.

  • Climbing
  • Ice Climbing
  • Mountaineering
  • Freeriding
  • Hunting

That’s all of the main differences between Gore-Tex and Gore-Tex Pro! Hopefully it will help you make a decision on which option to get!