The Best L.L. Bean Alternatives (Comparable Products & Prices)

L.L. Bean is a beloved brand, known for its high-quality products – ranging from outdoors gear all the way to staple clothing products. They’re lovingly manufactured, and there’s a level of detail surrounding the products that make them so sought after.

However, there are several reasons why people may not go to their brand as their first choice when it comes to their lifestyle products.

If you want to look at more budget-friendly options but also don’t want to skimp out on the quality of what you’re purchasing, check out this list of L.L. Bean alternatives for all their best-sellers on the market.

L.L. Bean Alternatives

Alternative For Men’s L.L. Bean Sweater Fleece Pullover

There are few pieces more fitting for the outdoorsman than the fleece pullover. They’re comfortable, versatile, and can be worn during a slew of different activities varying from physical activities like hiking, or even as loungewear during the colder months.

Our favorite alternative product for the famous L.L. Bean Sweater is the Men’s Micro D Fleece Pullover from Patagonia. Patagonia is also a brand beloved by outdoorsy types, and they don’t fall short on quality either.

This pullover in particular is especially nice, considering it’s made of recyclable materials and is Fair Trade certified. It’s lightweight, can be worn every day, and comes in four different colors and in 7 different sizes.

There are slight differences between the products, however, that you should keep in mind before committing to the purchase:

  • The L.L. Bean pullovers do have kangaroo-style pockets, while the Patagonia one does not.
  • The L.L. Bean jackets are also a little thicker, so they can be worn in colder weather.
  • Though both items are made of 100% polyester, the Patagonia option is made of recycled polyester – making it environmentally friendly.

Alternative For Women’s Bean Boots

Perhaps the most popular item from the L.L. Bean catalog is the bean boot- a style of shoe that was championed in Maine in the year 1912. They’re loved for their notable quality, wearability during cold or wet adventures, and general longevity.

Our choice for the best comparison for this famous shoe is the Women’s Saltwater Duck Boots from Sperry. Also known for their high-quality designs, the Sperry Duck Boots are among the most serious competitors for the Bean Boot’s fame.

If you live in seriously rainy or unpredictable weather, it’s likely that you’ve seen people rocking a pair of Sperry’s. They’re a tried and true classic and come at a cheaper price point than Bean Boots while maintaining the same feel, look, and quality.

Here are how the two pairs of shoes stand against one another:

  • Both pairs of boots are made with genuine leather, making them water-resistant and generally weatherproof.
  • The L.L. Bean shoes feature a steel shank for extra support, while Duck Boots do not.
  • Both boots feature a rubber bottom for friction during slippery weather.

Alternative for L.L. Bean Nor’easter Tote Bag

Outside of clothing items, L.L. Bean is also respected for the quality of its outdoor products. This includes tents, blankets, and even backpacks and duffels. These items are meant to withstand hiking and camping trips, and any unpredictable weather that may come your way.

Though there are a number of alternative options for tote bags out there, none of them fit the bill of the L.L. Bean Nor’easter Bag quite as much as the Lands’ End Open Top Canvas Bag. A little-known brand, Land’s End is committed to making long-lasting, beautiful-looking products at an affordable price point.

Incredibly durable and high-quality, these tote bags are made to last. Meticulously made, you can use these tote bags as a beach bag, going-out bag, or for any of your outdoorsy adventures. They come in a plethora of colors and four different sizes, ranging from small to extra-large.

Here’s how the L.L. Bean and Lands’ End stand when compared with one another:

  • Both bags are made of 100% canvas material, giving them the exact same quality finish.
  • Both bags have water-resistant bases, so they can be left on the ground at the beach or while camping, and your belongings won’t get affected.
  • The L.L. Bean bags have a zip-top closing, while you can choose between a zip-top or open-top with the Lands’ End bag.
  • Both bags are personalizable and can be monogrammed.

Alternative for Men’s Primaloft Packaway Jacket

In cold weather, especially if it’s paired with moisture and wind, there’s no better jacket to reach for than something deeply insulated. However, instead of something bulky, which could be uncomfortable during a snow day with a family, it’s likely you’ll opt for something a little thinner- that doesn’t fall short on warmth.

The L.L. Bean Men’s Primaloft Packaway Jacket is a fan favorite for its fashionable look and warming capabilities, but it’s definitely comparable to the Cirruslite Down Jacket from Eddie Bauer.

This jacket is the perfect companion to accompany you on any wintertime vacation or wet and windy outdoor adventure. Featuring a nylon shell, this jacket is waterproof and moisture-repelling, while offering high levels of warmth and comfort.

Here’s how this compares to L.L. Bean:

  • L.L. Bean offers a more fitted look, while Eddie Bauer gives a universally classic fit.
  • Both jackets are machine-washable and dryable, making them easy to take care of.
  • The L.L. Bean coat is made up of polyester, while the Eddie Bauer coat is 100% nylon formed and filled.

Alternative for Waterproof Outdoor Blanket

On your next camping trip, don’t forget to pack a waterproof blanket! You’ll be thankful for its presence during those days when morning dew covers all of your things. Though you could splurge on an L.L. Bean blanket, we think that this Extra Large Picnic Blanket from Scuddles could also be a great pick – making it our favorite comparable option for this product.

This blanket is great for a day on the beach, or during your next travel expedition. It’s large, water-proof, and comes in a number of sizes to fit your needs. It can be folded up and stowed away in a breeze and comes in a classic striped pattern for a cute finish.

Let’s break down how these two picks stand against one another:

  • Both boast waterproof backings, but the L.L. Bean blanket has nylon backing, while the Amazon one has PEVA backing.
  • The L.L. Bean blanket is a bit bigger, coming in at 80 x 72 inches, while the Scuddles one falls short at 72 x 60 inches.
  • The L.L. Bean blankets can be stuffed into a sack (that’s included) for carrying purposes, while the Scuddles one is foldable in and of itself into a tote bag.