7 Longest Hiking Trails in the World (With Pictures)

In the world, there are few experiences as comforting and relaxing as hiking. Walking through forests, mountains, and beautiful landscapes allows us to disconnect from our hectic routines and enjoy nature no matter if you are an experienced hiker or if you are going on an excursion of one or a few days.

The longest hiking trails in the world are the Great Canadian, E1 European, Grand Italian, Continental Divide, Great Himalayan, Tohoku Nature, and the Appalachian Trail.

Even though there are plenty of differences between all of these great trails, the one thing they have in common is the long distance of over 2,000 miles! It takes dedication and time to finish any of these trails, but the views and exhilaration of visiting these locations around the world would be well worth it!

Longest hikes in the world

Longest Hiking Trails in the World

The Great Canadian Trail

Location: Canada
Length: 14,996 miles

This is the longest hiking trail in the world, and that’s why in Canada they call it the Great Trail. It was inaugurated four years ago, and even experienced hikers were impressed with its length of 14,996 miles.

On The Great Canadian Trail, you traverse the country from coast to coast. Traveling from the north through the incredible Rocky Mountains to the Beaufort Sea, and then head south following the Mackenzie River route. All along the route, you can enjoy enchanting landscapes, crossing all types of terrain, mountains, rivers, forests, and towns.

The Great Canadian Trail
Credit – Michael Gil from Toronto, ON, Canada, CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons

E1 European Long Distance Trail

Location: Norway, Sweden, Denmark
Length: 4,960 miles

The E1 Reroute has a length of 4,960 miles and crosses seven countries. The trail has a serpentine shape starting in northern Scandinavia to the south of the continent in Italy.

On the first route it passes through several Nordic countries, Norway, Sweden, and Finland, then crosses into Denmark, Switzerland, and Germany and ends in Italy, Sicily. As this trail crosses seven countries, you can enjoy many landscapes with different climates and fantastic places that you will never forget.

E1 European Long Distance Trail
Image by Robert Glod via Flickr (Link) | CC BY 2.0

Grand Italian Trail

Location: Italy
Length: 3,832 miles

For those who love outdoor adventures and excursions, the best way to get to know Italy is to walk the Grand Italian Route or as it is known in Italy, the Sentiero Italia. This magnificent hiking route runs through all the regions and islands of the country.

It starts in Trieste exploring the Alpine Arc and the Apennines, then it goes through the Tuscan countryside and ends in Sicily and Sardinia.

The total distance of the route is 3,832 miles long and is divided into more than 300 sections to make it easier and more fun to ride. Alongside this hike, you’ll even be able to visit six UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Sentiero Italia
Image by gigi62 via Flickr (Link) | CC BY 2.0

Continental Divide Trail

Location: Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, and New Mexico
Length: 3,100 miles

This magnificent hiking trail is like a museum of the American West, and crosses the entire country from the southern border with Mexico to the north with Canada, hence its name Continental Divide Trail or CDT.

This trail is a natural divide approximately 3,100 miles long that starts in New Mexico, through the country, passing Colorado, Idaho, among others, until it reaches Montana, the border of Canada.

It is the most popular hiking route in the United States since it can be known mythical places like The Cirque of the Towers in the Wind River Range of Wyoming, the Grays Peak, and many more.

Continental Divide Trail
Image by mypubliclands via Flickr (Link) | CC BY 2.0

Great Himalayan Trail

Location: Himalayas: Pakistan, India, Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet
Length: 2,796 miles

The Great Himalayan Route is one of the longest in the world, but don’t worry, you won’t have to climb Mount Everest, since the route goes around the mountain range, but you will be able to enjoy the magnificent landscapes that the Himalayas have to offer.

This route is about 2,800 miles long and is divided into ten stations, where you will cross different environments, such as mountains, forests, and jungles.

Great Himalayan Trail
Image by axelrd via Flickr (Link) | CC BY 2.0

Tohoku Nature Trail

Location: Japan
Length: 2,717 miles

Located in the north of Japan, this incredible trail crosses all the mountains of the northeastern region, which are considered the most beautiful in the country. It is approximately 2,700 miles long.

Along the trail, you will pass through traditional rice fields, streams, forests, handicraft villages, etc. And the best of all is that it can be traveled at any time of the year thanks to the weather, which is always pleasant for walking and enjoying nature.

Tohoku Nature Trail
Image by anselma via Flickr (Link) | CC BY 2.0

Appalachian Trail

Location: Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine
Length: 2,190 miles

For a long time, the Appalachian Trail was mistakenly considered the longest trail in the world. However, being 2,200 miles long, it is still among the ten longest trails in the world. The trail begins in northern Georgia, passing the Appalachians all the way to Bald Mountain Pond in Maine.

This hiking route has a high difficulty since most of the route is rocky trails, and temperatures can sometimes get very high. As a result, even experienced hikers take months to hike the entire trail.

Appalachian Trail
Image by John Hayes via Flickr (Link) | CC BY 2.0