The Best Palladium Boots Alternatives (Design, Quality, Price)

Palladium is a footwear brand providing the adventurers of the world with trusted, stylish, and dependable footwear for almost a century. Within this brand’s range, there are casual shoes, hiking boots, and all-weather boots that look much more expensive than they are.

Part of Palladium’s allure, apart from its fascinating history in aviation and the military, is its ability to make modern designs that have a classic feel. A pair of Palladiums will never go out of style, and they are reliable to take on your hiking, climbing, walking, and backpacking adventures.

Despite this, one might be looking for some Palladium boots alternatives that are comparable in quality and usefulness. Palladium is a fashion-forward, affordable brand when it comes to outdoor footwear, but there are brands worth considering as well. 

Let’s take a closer look at the best available options and see how they actually compare!

Palladium Boot Alternatives

Best Palladium Alternatives in 2024


Blundstone is similar to Palladium in that they are a recognizable name that designs footwear known to withstand weather, activity, and typical wear and tear. Blundstone does have a selection of hiking boots as well, offering their signature streamlined design within their durable, outdoor footwear selection.

This brand is ideal for someone who likes a quality pair of boots that is going to support their foot and keep it dry during their adventures, and offers them a classic style that they will be able to wear for years to come.


Oakley has a medium-sized range of boots for hiking and other outdoor activities, many of which are very similar in style to Palladium boots. They are sporty, youthful, and stylish, but they are also dependable when trekking around nature.

Oakley boots are also on the affordable side, making a perfect choice for the outdoorsy person on a budget. They offer durable tread and weather resistant material, so you can enjoy breathing in the fresh air without being concerned about falling or getting your feet soaked.


Danner is a well-known footwear brand that produces high quality, weather-durable hiking boots. Additionally, like Palladium, their styles are much more physically appealing than many other hiking boot brands. Danner also has a selection of shoes and boots suitable for outdoor sports and activities.

Danner provides you with a range of styles, from sleek and neutral leather to multi color options. Danner footwear does come in at a higher price point than most Palladium styles, but you are getting a worthy product for the price you pay.

Oakstreet Bootmakers 

Oakstreet Bootmakers isn’t necessarily recognized for their hiking boots, as they have a very small selection. However, their craftsmanship when it comes to footwear is top-notch, and their hiking boots are a nice blend of practicality and fashion-forward aesthetic.

If you’re one who goes on fairly casual walks and hikes, you’ll enjoy the look and feel of the lightweight and comfortable boots from this brand. They are sleek and stand up really well against moderate terrain, but they would not be suitable for climbing or overly rugged hikes.


L.L. Bean is another brand that is recognizable by name, as it’s known for being a place to find affordable footwear that can be relied upon to take you through your adventures. Some of the brand’s more popular hiking styles are a bit pricier, but the prices are still comparable to Palladium for the most part.

With L.L. Bean, you will get shoes and boots that are designed to support the foot properly during a long day of walking, climbing, or hiking, and can withstand harsh weather conditions. Some of their designs are simple and reminiscent of traditional hiking footwear, while others are more modern and stylish.


Vans is often only recognized for their canvas shoes, but they do have a small range of hiking shoes and boots. A lot of the offerings from Vans are similar in aesthetic to Palladium’s more style-forward options. Vans hiking footwear could be suitable for beginner hikers, or those who aren’t climbing mountains or steep inclines.

With Van’s selection, you can also find bright colors and patterns that appeal to those who love the outdoors, but also love looking good too. Their options are weather-resistant, so you can depend on them to take you through your outdoor escapades with reliability and durability present.

Final Thoughts 

There’s nothing wrong with wanting a pair of outdoor footwear that can withstand your greatest adventures but isn’t ugly or clunky. Palladium offers those who love the outdoors the opportunity to enjoy the look of their boots, as well as their functionality and their comfort.

Palladium and the alternatives listed have a lot of similarities, as well as a few differences that might sway you towards one brand more than the other. As long as you make a selection that you can depend on to support your feet during your outdoor thrill of choice, you’ll likely be satisfied by picking any of these brands.